Added to the Archives This Week

Back in November of 2000, Kalman Rubinson took on the McCormack DNA-225 power amplifier, following the rebirth of the company that he had so admired. "McCormack is still the guiding spirit behind these new models, which incorporate aspects of the original designs, much of the SMc upgrades, and some new wrinkles. I quickly put in my bid for a test sample of the DNA-225." His analysis awaits.

Larry Greenhill goes surround sound! For his review of the Bryston 9B-THX five-channel power amplifier, LG explains, "Like other middle-aged American males, I have reinvented myself. I have shed my skin and tried not to look back."

In his controversial "As We See It" essay from last month, The Tragedy of the Commons, John Marks draws a lesson from history to explore the ramifications of some forms of mail-order audio retailing. Free riders beware!

For another spin on audio retailing, we have Hi-Fi Retailing: The Avid Audiophile's Advisory, a guest essay from loudspeaker manufacturer Brian Cheney. "I shall not presume with this article merely to perpetuate a manufacturer's biases; I confess to having owned a hi-fi store at one time, and working years as a salesperson in another."

Finally, the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of December 1998, Emmylou Harris: Spyboy. "Overall, the potential instrumental firepower here is almost frightening," says Robert Baird of the chanteuse's current band. "From Bill Monroe to the Beastie Boys, these guys could play anything well."