Added to the Archives This Week

From the June 1999 issue, Jonathan Scull surveys the Pass Labs X1000 monoblock power amplifier. JS notes, "Pass Laboratories' X amplifier series represents the efforts of designer Nelson Pass to prove that simple linear amplifier topologies can be scaled to provide high-quality audio performance at very high power levels."

A few months later, Scull writes, "I suppose that most high-end designers dream about making a Statement Product." Finding that the Balanced Audio Technology VK-50SE line preamplifier is just such a product, he adds, "Victor Khomenko, majordomo of Balanced Audio Technology, is, by nature, a frugal man who savors quality while enjoying a particular disdain for overindulgence."

Shannon Dickson reviews the Jeff Rowland Design Group Coherence preamplifier & Cadence phono stage in September of 1999, stating, "In the past few years Jeff Rowland has revamped his entire product line in an effort to elevate performance to the highest level. The Coherence preamplifier and companion Cadence phono stage are the crown jewels of Rowland's current line-up."

Finally, we have Michael Fremer's December 2001 appraisal of the Kora Electronic Concept Cosmos monoblock power amplifier. "Only after a few weeks of serious listening did I find out that the Cosmos sell for a surprisingly reasonable $4795," says MF. "That's for the pair. As of January 2002, the price goes up to $5500—still enticing for a pair of 100W, fully balanced, class-A triode monoblocks."