Added to the Archives This Week

Robert Deutsch tackles the Balanced Audio Technology VK-40 preamplifier, noting "Few topics will get audiophiles into an argument more readily than a discussion of the relative merits of tubed and solid-state equipment."

Robert Baird reads a recent and revealing book about the king and interviews its author for the first in our Elvis pair: Elvis Presley: Baby What You Want Me To Do. Baird explains that "Writing about the final decade and a half of the life of Elvis Presley is, by any measure, a sad affair."

More Elvis! Baird digs into the back catalog for The Unmaking of Elvis Presley: New Reissues 1960–1972. Why should audiophiles care? RB says, "In the past year a number of new Elvis compilations have been released that contain music that has never been released before, or never in this form, and in vastly improved sound."

Jonathan Scull interviews one the great turntable and tonearm designers in Judy Spotheim: Seeing & Hearing The Light. Scull reports that she is the "maker of the SpJ arm and the gorgeous La Luce turntable that I reviewed a while back for Stereophile (October 1998) and that has subsequently become one of my references for LP playback."

Finally, the most recent installment in our Recording of the Month series for the online archives: Recording of January 2003, Steve Tibbetts: A Man About a Horse. Jon Iverson explores the guitarist/percussionist's latest release, stating, "Widespread recognition for Steve Tibbetts' instrumental work is long overdue."