Added to the Archives This Week

It helps to know the technical basics when building the ultimate audio system. J. Gordon Holt, pointing out that "knowledge is power," would like to see thousands of knowledgeable audiophiles girdling the planet, and so has created an excellent primer on audio basics called A is for Ampere.

Also this week, we've added a piece detailing the struggle to get the test bench to replicate real-world experience: John Atkinson's explorations of the ins and outs of Real-Life Measurements, including the circuit diagram of the dummy loudspeaker featured in Stereophile amplifier reviews. Next, JA examines The High-End Review, sorting out the likely real-world results of a product review in a high-end audio magazine.

Finally, we hop back to 1994 to unearth one more Records To Die For, where you can discover the intimate listening habits of just about anyone who was drawing a paycheck from the magazine five years ago.