Added to the Archives This Week

Kalman Rubinson looks past the odd knobs to discover what's at the heart of the Blue Circle BC21 preamplifier & BC22 power amplifier. KR reveals, "In the past, I've found components with small drawbacks that made them unacceptable, but the Blue Circle BC21 and BC22 triumphed over their flaws."

From 1992, Robert Harley conducts an exhaustive analysis of the two-box Linn Karik/Numerik CD player. "After years of anticipation, speculation, and rumor, the Linn CD player has arrived," writes Harley. Was the Linn CD player worth waiting for? "We'll find out," proclaims RH.

Brian Damkroger busts a move in his listening room with the Echo Busters Decorative Room Treatments. Damkroger, freshly relocated to a new listening crib, explains, "One of the biggest challenges in setting up any new listening room is getting the room to work with your equipment rather than against it."

In "The Fifth Element #19," John Marks comments, "Last time out I mentioned darTZeel's NHB-108 from Switzerland as the sweetest-sounding solid-state power amplifier I have ever heard." Marks investigates the unique design in detail, along with an assessment of Peak Consult's InCognito loudspeaker.

Finally, the most recent installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives, Recording of December 1993: On Yoolis Night. Les Berkley notes, "Anonymous 4, with gloriously perfect intonation and exact sense of breath and phrase, are the ideal interpreters of this legacy of music."