Added to the Archives This Week

Mark Levinson has traveled from Woodstock to the Whitney, and Michael Fremer lends an ear to his Red Rose Music R3 loudspeaker to determine if the journey was a fruitful one. As Fremer characterizes it, "If Levinson's Cello foray was haute monde, Red Rose is Dockers: loose-fitting and relaxed."

Next we have Robert Deutsch examining the Wavelength Audio Gemini monoblock power amplifier. Tube designers are a devoted lot, and as Deutsch reports, none is more devoted to the art than Wavelength's Gordon Rankin.

As a bonus this week, we add Kalman Rubinson's May 2001 Follow-up to his March 1999 review of Simaudio's Moon W-5 amplifier. As Rubinson puts it, now that his ears have matured a bit, "this could be an opportunity to re-evaluate my own comments and reactions."