Added to the Archives This Week

In his report on the MartinLogan Depth powered subwoofer, Larry Greenhill laments, "Reviewing subwoofers is a lonely job that brings no respect." But can the Depth upset one of LG's longstanding prejudices to earn his respect?

John Atkinson comments that he didn't need much persuading to audition the Lavry Engineering DA2002 D/A processor. JA brings out his favorite discs, compares the DA2002 to some of his favorite DACs, and renders his verdict.

Technological breakthroughs or cable flummery? Art Dudley wires up with the AudioQuest Cheetah interconnects & Mont Blanc speaker cables, noting, "The selling of ever-new cable technologies to audio writers has, over the years, become burdened with toxic levels of pseudo-scientific dung-beetle chow."

Finally, we have Paul Bolin's exploration of the Shunyata Research AC power products. PB writes, "Power-line conditioning and exotic power cords, once considered the lunatic fringe of tweaking, have become normal parts of audiophile life."