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John Atkinson asked "What's that noise?" He wasn't referring to the piano that Robert Silverman was playing for Stereophile's recording, Concert, but rather to the sound of candy wrappers in the concert hall. The recording survived the crackling ordeal, but the lady with the wrapper did not. JA relates the entire story, and also serves up additional details about the making of the double CD set.

Back in 1996, in one of his first reviews for Stereophile, Michael Fremer wrote about the ever-popular Audible Illusions Modulus 3A preamplifier. As Fremer wrote at the time, "more than 15,000 Modulus preamps have flown from the factory—well, dribbled is more like it—over the past 15 years. That is an impressive number for any high-end product, especially an all-tubed one." Find out what all the fuss is about as MF profiles the 3A in all of its glorious analog detail.