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Regardless of what the skeptics claim, Jonathan Scull is a firm believer in resonance-control devices. For "Fine Tunes" #15, Scull investigates some products he has found useful. "Pssst," Scull whispers. "Hey you. Yeah, you . . . we know you're a tweaker. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You just wanna make it better, right? Even as everyone around you wants to know when enough's enough already."

"This is an era in which products and websites are 'launched,' but in the past two years Herron Audio has sort of oozed its way into the public ear. With little visible promotion or splashy advertising, Herron is now spoken of within an ever-widening audiophile circle." So begins Michael Fremer's review of the Herron Audio VTSP-1 preamplifier and VTPH-1MC phono preamplifier. Is this the must-audition product for anyone looking for a tubed line stage and phono preamp? Fremer renders his verdict.