Added to the Archives This Week

Back in April 2001, Jonathan Scull got his hands on the Sony SCD-C333ES SACD/CD player—a carousel model no less—and filed his report. "So I loaded up five discs for the evening—a process quite different from choosing and playing one disc at a time—and imagined the angle on the bumper shot I'd have to line up for this review!"

Michael Fremer reviewed the Naim CDX CD player more than five years ago and asked a question that may still be considered relevant today: "Should you buy your last CD player now? Or should the CD player (or processor/transport) you already own be your last—your next being a DVD-based 24-bit/96kHz system?"

Next, Brian Damkroger & Kalman Rubinson takes turns with the Sonic Frontiers Power 3 monoblock power amplifier. BD notes, "Starting from a purely analytical perspective, the Power 3's spec sheet confirms that it's a serious assault on the state of the art." And then his heart takes over.

Finally, we have Jonathan Scull again and a review of the YBA Passion 1000 monoblock power amplifier. J-10 remarks, "Although French amplifier manufacturer YBA is known for its 'only as big as it needs to be' design philosophy, founder Yves-Bernard André must have heard the call of the wild when he dreamed up these somewhat out-of-character superamp monoblocks."