Added to the Archives This Week

Wes Phillips writes: "If, as some would have it, Audiophilia nervosa is like the dark night of reason, then certain audio epiphanies must necessarily stand out from a distance, like a grove of trees 20 miles away thrown into stark relief by prairie lightning." In his review of the B&W Nautilus 801 loudspeaker, WP recounts that "the B&W Nautilus 801 has the stuff to keep me in fireplace fantasies throughout my dotage, and probably well into my (hyper)active middle age to boot."

"My paradoxical brief is to ferret out real audio improvements for zero or minimal cost; if you know what you're doing, then by all means roll your own." With that, Jonathan Scull explains how to get the most from cheap AC power enhancements, in "Fine Tunes" #14. Power stripping and enhanced AC grounding have never been easier.