Added to the Archives This Week

From the October issue, Art Dudley mounts the Dynavector DV10x5 MC phono cartridge (on his tonearm, that is) and spins a few records. AD explains, "This is the first entry-level Dynavector to incorporate the company's colorfully named flux damping and softened magnetism."

"It may seem like something of a stretch from futuristic starships to high-end audio systems, but there's a parallel," says Thomas J. Norton after firing up the Jeff Rowland Design Group Consummate preamplifier. TJN decides to engage and explains why.

In his review of the Mirage OM-7 loudspeaker, Lonnie Brownell finds that, once broken in properly, the OM-7 came to life. But "Is your calling awaiting you in the Order of the Omnipolar?" That depends, says LB.

Finally, this week's installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives, Recording of September 1993, Haydn: Symphonies 99, 100, 102, & 104. Mortimer H. Frank notes, "Most striking in Brggen's interpretations is the way they make clear how Haydn is Beethoven's artistic father."