Added to the Archives This Week

For Listening #5, Art Dudley tackles audio moderation, Lowther Land, and the audio puritans spying on the nudists next door. AD also explains the statement, "Just because I have a job in the lunch line doesn't mean I have to keep serving the kid who shows off for his friends by spitting out his food."

Next, Barry Willis' "As We See It" from the May 2003 issue explains the basis for Hi-Rez Audio's Uncertain Future. As BW notes, "The audio systems owned and enjoyed by most people aren't capable of delivering the full performance encoded in ordinary CDs," so who's gonna want hi-rez?

From the June 1992 issue, Larry Archibald broaches the subject of High-End Democracy. Archibald dreams of a "hi-fi world in which small manufacturers with short track records are as likely to have their excellent products recognized as larger, more established manufacturers."

Two followups enter the archives this week. First, both Art Dudley and John Atkinson wrote more about the Quad ESL-989 loudspeaker in the May 2003 issue. Next, Sam Tellig wrote again about the Conrad-Johnson MV60 power amp, also from this month's Stereophile.

Finally, the next installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recordings of May 2003: The Police: Every Breath You Take; Yes: Fragile. John Atkinson goes high-rez with SACD and DVD-Audio reworkings of these English classics and, gasp, even tries surround!