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Jonathan Scull stuffs as many "relatively inexpensive" building tweaks as he can fit into "Fine Tunes" #21. Find out about basic room and electrical treatments on the relative cheap.

Designing loudspeakers is not a task for the faint of heart. But that doesn't stop thousands of would-be speaker builders each year from messing around with cabinets and parts in an attempt to improve on the other loudspeakers out there. Of those thousands of hobbyists, tens form companies, and perhaps one each year strikes gold.

To look at what makes such people tick, we present "Paul Barton: It Doesn't Get Much Better Than That," an interview conducted by John Atkinson; and "Ken Kantor: Now Hear This," contributed by Wes Phillips. Each designer has been in the industry for about 25 years, neither believes in magic when it comes to speaker design, both are musicians as well as engineers, and both specialize in offering their customers high performance at an affordable price. There the resemblance ends.