Added to the Archives This Week

Controversy may sell magazines, but it can also cause all sorts of editorial and letter-writing ruckus. In "Where's the Real Magazine," John Atkinson follows the heated trail that began when he decided to put a PC soundcard on the cover of Stereophile back in September, followed by a Denon surround receiver (horrors!) that graced the December issue. Included as a bonus is the hot-off-the-presses March 2001 "As We See It" in response.

Getting back to the safer ground of high-end audio, we include Lonnie Brownell's recent review of the Monitor Audio Silver 9i loudspeaker from December 2000. As Brownell writes, "The Silver Series is their next-to-the-top line. And at $1999/pair, it seems within reach. Even though I have a bit more scratch now than I had 20 years ago, I'm still a tightwad—in Y2K, any component must answer the question "Why $2k?" before I'll call it a deal." LB's answer to the $2,000 question awaits.