Lamm LL1 Signature Preamplifier

One of the great things about coming to CES is getting the opportunity to hear gear that’s rarely near. I was really happy as I strolled down the 35th floor to walk into the Lamm room. I don’t have a Lamm dealer in Minneapolis so I haven’t ever had the chance to hear this lauded and expensive tube gear.

The Lamm room featured a cost-no-object system that included the world premiere of the Lamm LL1 Signature Preamplifier. This $42,690 statement is a four-chassis dual-monophonic preamplification system featuring separate power supplies for each channel as well as separate control modules for each channel. It’s a whole lotta preamp.

The LL1 works in single-ended class-A operation with no overall feedback and uses specially selected, high-transconductance, dual-triode 6N30P-DR tubes in its signal path, along with TKD stepped potentiometers for volume control. It has three single-ended inputs and will output via XLR or RCA jacks.

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Just like no one would pay $43k for a piece of jewellery or a car or a boat? Obviously, right?Please stop representing your value set as the universal norm. This is a site for stereophiles (the clue is in the name) and that is a pretty broad church!This is a hobby just like any other hobby and as such some people (esp those without families) will divert huge proportions of their disposable income towards it. I know several people who would (indeed have) spend $43k on a preamp and the irony is that those people don't earn any more than me (and probably you). They just have a different set of priorities. The two audiophiles I know with the most expensive ($200k+) systems are a self-employed computer programmer and a garage mechanic respectively.

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Agreed. I have a $15,000 watch, live in a 2 million house and my wife had a 30 thousand boob job.

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Seems like the admission to the “high-end” audio is at the price only the rich and famous can afford. It’s time we the people should have our own show. Some people are disconnecting with the reality, thin market that is getting thinner. Make audio for real people and bring back jobs to America.

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hey joe - no one owes you or anyone else in this country a job. figure out a way to be of value or don't buy the gear.

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Yes I can understand how a garage mechanic could afford a $200k+ system, when was the last time you found an honest mechanic.You've got to be a crook to afford some of this gear, most of this gear is way over-priced. So crooks making gear for crooks.It's not gear for honest working folk, so it must be time to get into a crooked field of employment and rip off honest folk so I can afford this gear.

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Ha, guess I should have seen that coming! Well, most of his gear was purchased used so although the sticker prices add up to well over $200k he has not paid anything close to that for it. I guarantee your eyes would pop out if you saw it though, especially since he lives pretty modestly otherwise. As for being ripped off by mechanics, I have to say most of my horror stories relate to the carmakers' own service centers, not the little guys.

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It's not a pre-amp. It's a statement

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Before buying one of these, think of the poor injured children in Haiti and see if you can see it in your heart to throw a c-note their way.Ciao,Bob

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For those who understand, no explanation is needed.For those who don't, none will ever suffice!!