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Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 16, 2011  |  1 comments
Click here to see a picture of Michael Fremer at Austin's SXSW conference, standing in front of a bright orange Chevy, while tossing an LP—attempting to catch an LP?—and spinning in circles.

What the?

I feel sick.

Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 16, 2011  |  1 comments
Today, Sennheiser announced that the HD 515 ($129.95), a classic circumaural design, is the company’s “Headphone of the Month” for March 2011.

Sennheiser’s “Headphone of the Month” is a monthly promotion designed to encourage music lovers to experience the authentic sound of Sennheiser.

Customers who purchase an HD 515 headphone from an authorized Sennheiser dealer during the month of March can receive a free pair of Sennheiser OMX 60 earbuds. During January’s 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, I stopped for a bit to listen to the HD 515; despite its size, I found the HD 515 to be very comfortable and easy on my head, while the sound was just as easy on my ears.

For more specs on the HD 515 and information on the promotion, visit the “Headphone of the Month” website.

Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 16, 2011  |  3 comments
If all goes as planned, my review of Colin Stetson’s second solo album, New History Warfare, Vol. 2: Judges, will appear in our June issue, but I can’t wait that long to tell you about it. It’s too special to keep secret.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 14, 2011  |  0 comments
Glenn Barr displays his "Vinyl Girl." Photo: 1xRUN.

1xRUN hopes to create a more vibrant art market by offering select work from established and emerging artists in limited-edition, exclusive print runs, at affordable prices. Signed and authenticated, these print releases are open for one week only.

The current run is a piece called “Vinyl Girl” by Glenn Barr, whose work includes the background styling for The Ren and Stimpy Show and Bjork’s “I Miss You” video. The 16” x 25” five-color silkscreen costs $60.

(Girls love vinyl, I am telling you.)

Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 11, 2011  |  4 comments
Boston Acoustics A Series loudspeakers—on the beach, which is where I'd like to be right now.

Is it just me or are we really experiencing the beginnings of a new stereo renaissance, a return to dedicated, high-quality, two-channel sound? Could it be that the home theater sector has become almost entirely commoditized so that little besides cost and availability are important to the consumer? In an age when craftsmanship and dedication have become clouded by convenience and fashion, hi-fi—good, old-fashioned, two-channel hi-fi—symbolizes the importance of quality experiences and a more meaningful life. But that’s just my opinion.

Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 09, 2011  |  1 comments
Today is Ornette Coleman's 81st birthday, and we can celebrate with smiles, thanks, and The Shape of Jazz to Come.

Tune in to Columbia University's WKCR for a full day of Coleman's work as the station celebrates "innovation, relentless individualism, and commitment to artistic freedom." Right on. You might also enjoy Matthew Ditullo's excellent "This Shape of Jazz" blog, where Ditullo thinks about jazz, blues, and beer.

Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 08, 2011  |  0 comments
Erick Lichte knows what I like. He e-mailed me earlier today:

Check this out. This is what happens when you play ambient music over the LAPD scanner feed.

It is surprisingly beautiful. I would totally buy it on vinyl.

Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 07, 2011  |  5 comments
Thinksound believes in “clear sound with a clearer conscience.” To that extent, the company makes all of their products from wood and employs intelligent and responsible packaging design, utilizing recycled, bleach-free materials, with the now-familiar orange, green, and brown color scheme—if Whole Foods made headphones, they’d probably look like these.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 02, 2011  |  2 comments
I ignored my own advice and did not attend Sunday’s Collect-i-Bowl record show at Brooklyn Bowl. (Robert Baird was there, though, and says it was a great and delicious time.) I did, however, attend Saturday’s Record Riot in Jersey City, sponsored in part by Steve Gritzan of Jersey City’s own vinyl speakeasy, Iris Records. Because I’ve been spending so much money on records lately, I told myself that I would not spend more than $20. Well, you know how it goes: $20 soon became $40, and so on.
Stephen Mejias  |  Feb 25, 2011  |  2 comments
The March 2011 issue of Stereophile is now on newsstands. This is a powerful, action-packed issue, and we come at you from several directions with in-depth equipment reports on a wide range of products.
Stephen Mejias  |  Feb 25, 2011  |  0 comments
I know it's stupid of me, but I can't avoid feeling that, through a simple shared experience, I know these girls. So, when I see this video, I can only smile and feel proud.

Because, like a good fan, I pre-ordered the Vivian Girls' new album, Share the Joy, I can download the entire thing in MP3 form (320kbps, DRM-free) right now. And that is what I'm going to do.

Stephen Mejias  |  Feb 23, 2011  |  0 comments
I was immediately impressed by the provocative photography, at once gorgeous and painful. I could not resist it. The cover image first appeared in the New York Times and was taken by Damon Winter, on assignment in Haiti. Three of Winter’s photos are included in Bonnie “Prince” Billy and the Cairo Gang’s latest release—a 10-inch single, “Island Brothers” b/w “New Wonder”—and they complement the music perfectly.
Stephen Mejias  |  Feb 22, 2011  |  8 comments
The Isle of Wight-based company, Artisan Silver Cables, has launched a new brand, Giant-Killer Cables, “a range of painstakingly handcrafted audiophile-quality OFC and silver-plated OFC cables at exceptionally reasonable prices.” There are currently two options available—the Ultra-Pure interconnect starts at £49/0.5m pair, while the Quad-Core Silver interconnect starts at £99/0.5m pair—but the company plans to also offer HDMI and USB cables.
Stephen Mejias  |  Feb 18, 2011  |  2 comments
Today I’ve been enjoying Ring, the recent album from Cameron Mesirow (aka Glasser), and it led me to this enchanting piece of art:

Stephen Mejias  |  Feb 11, 2011  |  13 comments
Mogwai’s latest album, the band’s seventh full-length studio release, due in stores next Tuesday, February 15th, is called Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. I just found out about this today. Stephanie Scola of KEF told me because she knows I like Mogwai. Thank you, Stephanie. My reaction to this news was simple and unambiguous: With a name like Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, the album had already earned my blind and stupid love. That’s right: Before ever even hearing this record, I knew that I was going to own it and I was going to love it. That’s the kind of guy I am. If you didn’t already know, now you know. Maybe this changes your opinion of me, but I don’t care.