Acoustic Technologies' 360° loudspeaker

David Maeshiba, designer and partner in Acoustic Technologies LLC of Chicago, had a surprise in store. He claims that his single titanium-cone loudspeaker ($2650/pair) can be turned in any direction and you will hear exactly the same thing. Counter-intuitive as that may seem, it would be perfect for non-obsessed music lovers who don't want to spend all their listening time stacking their friends in the sweet spot.

The speaker, which has a solid mahogany cap and base for the MDF walls of its patent-pending cabinet, had David's own 23-gauge silver wire attached to its Cardas binding posts. Associated equipment also included the Ayon CD2, Pass Labs XI preamp, and First Watt F3 amplifier.

Optimally positioned close together and close to the front wall, the system still sounded somewhat plodding and washed-out. Taking into account David's confession, "We've been getting flack for doing nothing with the room," here's hoping the set-up will be better next time around.

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HAHAHAHA , these guys were a joke at CES and they are a joke now

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You skeptics need to bear in mind that the speakers could well sound the same from any direction you listen and just not sound very good....

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I was there in derry NH when David brought them in to see if Walter wanted to add them to his speaker stable.They are as calmed 360 degrees very good tone very fast light in the bass as you would expect for the size driver.Nothing a very fast sub would not cure.These people before me sound like they did not here ether properly or not at all.Arthur

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Sorry for the bad grammar. These people before me sound like,ether they did not hear these speakers, or they did not hear them properly.Arthur