Meridian Marvels

In his second, equally well-appointed room at the CA Audio Show, Elite Audio's Michael Woods was telling a visitor "People think that Meridian equipment is only for showing movies. But it's excellent for audio as well."

Given the price of components—$19,995 for the 808i.3 CD/preamp, $7500 for the Control 15, and $34,995/pair for the DSP7200 speakers—Meridian had better sound good on audio. In fact, it does.

With zillions of albums displayed on the Sooloos Media Server's screen, I decided to wax nostalgic and opt for classic Barbra Streisand. I thought I knew what I was choosing, but the weight of all the costume jewelry on my borscht-stained fingers lowered them to "The Boy Next Door." Happy that David wasn't watching, I threw caution to the winds and waited to see what the milkman had brought.

Dahlink, let me tell you. I have Never—that's Nevah—heard a system reproduce all this track's studio-synthesized schmaltz and artificial stereo spread with such wickedly uncompromising clarity. I could have lathered up my bagel with the stuff, but the lox would have fallen to the floor. And lox ain't cheap, I tell you, especially after all the oil spills.

Anyway, the Columbia engineering team's three-dimensional audio show was three-ring fabulous, I say, Fabulous. Is it any wonder that, flanked by Elite Audio's Bart Forpahl (left) and Michael Woods (right), I'm smiling as I point to the Sooloos screen?

Trent's picture

Simply Streisand?! Hot damn! Kudos to whomever ripped that one on the Sooloos...!