Zapped Out

Well, ladies and gentlemen, our Zappa Plays Zappa DVD Sweepstakes is now closed. We will not accept any additional entries. I offer my sincere thanks to all those who participated, sending in colorful, encouraging, and often amusingly odd e-mails. Thank you.

Among the many entries that offered suggestions for where I might begin my own Zappa journey, Joe's Garage was the title that was mentioned most often. I'll look forward to listening. I was also impressed by all the many participants who went into great detail regarding their first or last or favorite experience at a Zappa concert. It is clear that Frank Zappa touched many of his fans in deep and personal ways. And that is a wonderful thing. I wish we could send out Zappa DVDs to all of you.

We received around 80 entries and we only have five DVDs to offer, however. This afternoon, I will ask the lovely Elizabeth to select five names from a box, and those five will be declared winners. After we've selected the winners, we'll have some legal mumbo-jumbo to take care of. I'll then post the names of the winners here on Monday, June 16th. If, for some amusingly odd reason, you prefer that I send you an actual physical list of the winner's names, I can do that, too. I'll just need a stamped self-addressed envelope any day after Monday, June 16. That would be kind of weird, though, and I hear that stamps cost, like, $5 these days, so you'd be better off just checking the blog and saving the trees.

Thanks again, everyone.

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That is too much I actually had that album in my hands today at lunch! I left it behind for Zep's Physical Graffiti Double LP.