A Fe(a)st of Sorts

Tomorrow, music editor Robert Baird is off to Austin, Texas, for the South By Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive Fest. He attends year after year.

I remember, back in college, I pined to go to this. Though I was a DJ and music director at our little independent radio station, we were never able to raise the funds to participate in the event. Austin, TX, seemed a million miles away from the Hackensack River, and even during high-tide, we'd never make it there.

Later, in the dreamy days and drunken nights of Multi-Purpose Solution land, I longed for the band to actually play at SXSW. We'd destroy them all, I thought, and be signed in no time. Typically, we couldn't find a stamp for mailing in the entry application.

These days, SXSW just doesn't turn me on like it used to. Which is not to say I wouldn't like to go. I would. I would like to go. But for an entirely different reason. It has very little to do with music, and nothing to do with getting signed.

Anyway, music fests are often like all-you-can-eat buffets. Enticing, in theory, but painful in reality. Who really needs that much bad food anyhow? Plus: the lines are too long and the silverware's always dirty. And everything I really want can be found right at home. I'm happy.

Speaking of food, Robert is presently doubled over onto the back of a black office chair, artfully mimicking his SXSW state.

"Boy, that Mexican food, I can taste it already. I can feel the enchiladas sliding down my gullet."

Al Marcy's picture

Get out of town. And not Vegas. Vegas is just a remote pile of NYC crap. There are good buffets in the USA, with clean dishes and silverware. And Music is not always loud to be really good. You are thinking like a bat in a huge cave of guano. Get out of town.

Monty's picture

Friday night at the Backyard, Willie Nelson. Tickets still available and if there is one show not to miss during the whole festival, this is it. You never know who is going to show up with Willie. (p) Willie is in good health, but he is getting up there in years and one of these days we aren't going to have him with us. (p) Bobby Bare has a new album out and will be playing around town, as will Lyle Lovett. (p) Baird could hit the good shows and then just hang out at Antone's for the week and probably actually enjoy the trip. Drop me a note if you need anything while you are in town, though Austin is home to several former Stereophile contributors and I suspect you've got the trip covered pretty well.