Wilson and Rega

The Audio Alternative of Fort Collins, CO had the perspicacity to mate Wilson Audio's new Sophia III speakers ($16,900/pair) with Rega Research Limited's Osiris Integrated amplifier ($9000), Isis Valve CD player ($10,000), and P7 turntable w/Lyra Delos MC cartridge ($4195). The sound was very mellow and inviting. It was the kind of presentation that would make many an audiophile—certainly this one—welcome the Sophia Series III into their home.

Completing the coupling were the PS Audio GCPH phono stage ($1000), Linn Akurate DS DAC ($6800) and Sneaky DS DAC ($2450), Bryston BDA-1 external DAC ($2150)—I know, that's a lot of DACs, and I'm not certain which one was operating when I entered—26' AudioQuest Rockefeller speaker cables ($1850/pair, which is far less expensive than the name implies), Colorado interconnects ($850/1m), and Coffee USB cable ($295/1.5m). A QuadraSpire Sunoko-Vent T 4-shelf component rack ($1580) completed the set-up.