Open-Reel Tape

Source material in the Nola room was a pair of open-reel recorders from United Home Audio, but on the one piece I listened to, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, it sounded like a dub from LP. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

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I heard this deck at the Newport show, I believe it was the same black and gold deck pictured above. It was in the Von Schweikert room on their $3700 speakers with inexpensive Jolida amplification. That system was flat out mesmerizing! The room seemed to always be packed but I was able to get in the best listening spot for a while. I couldn't even move, it was so dynamic and realistic, digital isn't in the ballgame compared to this.

They played Tape Project tapes and music dubbed from LP, those recordings were pretty damn close to master tape sound quality, they must have used a great vinyl rig. Quiet and three dimensional with plenty of dynamic power being imparted to the speakers, very nice! I will state that I was very impressed by the recordings and I've heard many studio recordings in my time. Evidently this ain't no run of the mill deck, they have done some real work on this thing.

For the cost of this system (minus the tape deck) this was the best bang at the show by far! Yes the speakers are big black sock covered wife unfriendly monolith's but for $3700... ok.

Tape deck was beautiful looking if you like fancy gold plating and all, not really something I would want in my system, probably just all black would do. I'd like to get my hands on one of these decks.

BTW, the Newport show was great highly recommended, go next year it will be a blast!