Nola & Audio Research

New York-based Nola was showing its Metro Grand Reference speakers at RMAF ($25,000/pair). Combining a Raven ribbon tweeter and a 4" midrange, both mounted on an open baffle, with two 6.5" reflex-loaded woofers, this slim tower, driven by an Audio Research Reference 210 power amplfier, Reference 5 preamplifier, and CD8 CD player via Nordost cabling, produced more bass than I thought possible, given its modest drive-unit array. The response is specified as being 6dB down at a low 26Hz. This was one of several systems at RMAF using the Quantum QX4 AC treatment device from Nordost.

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It is interesting what you say about the drivers' size relative to the apparent low end output, because that looks to be a large room from the photograph.

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It has to be the QX4 Quantum. If it's Quantum, you know it's magic! ByBee is also a Quantum magician. Absolute BullShi......

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$25K for those is a rip off. I can think of 50 speakers that are a better value...