Kaiser Kawero/Echole/Absolare/Bybee/Concert Fidelity/Silicon Arts

Elsewhere in this blog, Stephen Mejias enthuses about the Kaiser Kawero loudspeakers ($66,000/pair). I first encountered these loudspeakers at RMAF 2008's Kaiser/Echole exhibit extension in the nearby Hyatt, and have coveted them ever since. Optimally paired and internally wired then and now with Echole's excellent cabling, as well as with modded tube amps that had been re-wired with Echole, the sound of this system was so large, rich, and true that it blew me away. Stephen's summation—"This system, more than any other I heard at RMAF, seemed to bring the musicians and instruments into the room with really impressive body and force"—rings true.

The following year at RMAF, I heard the system in much smaller rooms. Although one of the amps wasn't working properly, the sound was so rich and beautiful on solo piano that I had to tear myself away. I was afraid that if I stayed to long, I would take an axe to my own speakers when I returned home.

At this year's RMAF, there were several debuts. One was the Absolare Bybee Purifier (US version, $6800), a special joint project between Bybee and Kerem Kücükaslan of Absolare that was used on the mains current of the system. A non-current limiting passive device, it incorporates Bybee Technologies noise reduction modules, Wadax/Echole proprietory resonance technology, Echole Obsession power cords, and Mundorf customized caps.

In addition to Echole Obsession interconnects ($3800/3' pair), the system featured the show debut of Echole Obsession's new Signature edition speaker cables ($11,000/6' pair) and Signature edition power cords ($6800/6'). Another debut, a world premiere in fact, was the Concert Fidelity SPA-4C phonostage ($14,000).

Other equipment included Concert Fidelity DAC-040 D/A converter ($10,000), Concert Fidelity CF-080LSX linestage preamplifier ($20,000), handmade Silicon Arts Design ZL-200 monoblock power amplifiers ($40,000/pair), Harmonic Resolution Systems equipment racks and amp stands, Esoteric X-01D2 SACD/CD player used as transport ($19,500), and Denon DP-3000 turntable and Denon tonearm (modified) with Shelter MC cartridge. The partnership was not as synergistic as at previous shows, but gave indications of the glorious potential I've heard realized from Kaiser and Echole on other occasions.

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Does Echole not produce Obsession Signature interconnects... Is the retail on the Echole I/C a misprint (3800USD) ????

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Has ByBee given up on catching bad electrons. He previously marketed some incredibly dubious products, that caught the "bad electrons" which caused audible issues! But if I am using say a magic outlet from Shunattata shouldn't the bad electrons stay away? Since it has been written, that a better wall outlet sounds better, so why would there be any BAD ELECTRONS leftover coming from a better wall outlet. High End is so confusing, is it me? Or is there some shenanigans in print?