Why aren't there more women in high-end audio?

Why aren't there more women in high-end audio?
I think it is because
65% (36 votes)
I have no idea
31% (17 votes)
But there are plenty of women
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 55

Reader Lisa T. Marv notices that there are very few women audiophiles among her friends or the companies she buys from. She wants to know: Why aren't there more women in high-end audio?

Voh Poh!'s picture

Most women I know sadly have no interest whatsoever in high-end audio, or any audio, for that matter. Just hardwired differently, I guess.

steve's picture

Women traditionally were not involved in many businesses because of the culture. Men, going forward, chose audio as a man's sport and as times progressed and women became more able to be part of business, men excluded them from their sport. A guess any way...

sara's picture

Women just need a voice. We could network more.

OvenMaster's picture

I've asked the women I know about this. They like good sound—they just don't care about the details, the nuts and bolts about how it gets to that final result. As long as it sounds good, they're happy.

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They are too busy listening to the music.