Who else is allowed to use/control your audio system?

Who else is allowed to use/control your audio system?
30% (69 votes)
6% (13 votes)
4% (9 votes)
Other hi-fi persons
6% (13 votes)
25% (58 votes)
Nobody else
29% (66 votes)
Total votes: 228

Reader Louis McFarlane asks a question that may touch a nerve or two among audiophiles.

Nikolaj Hermann's picture

If your gear is not in a shape where it is possible for anyone to operate it, it should be considered a beta version (waiting to be updated)

T's picture

Wouldn't dare say no.

chrishladky@webtv.net's picture

No one, the way life should be

o.y petrus ariel's picture

becaouse i havent have child yet

yosi's picture

until not long ago no one was alowed to touch my system it was my "baby " and thats the way i wanted it to stay but about a month ago we moved and my spouse was left home to arrange everything and clean up because i couldnt get vacation from work,about noon she called and said she was bored without music and i talked her through puting up the system ,since she has proven herself i let her play it now .

Rodney Gold's picture

It's pretty complex and expensive, it's MY toy, NO ONE touches my toys, and I hate sharing. ;) My wife and 3-year-old kid have a TV, VCR , mini system, and a set of Meridian DSP5000 speakers + transport in the A/V room off the playroom. My "he-man" rig is out of bounds.

John Crossett's picture

I allow anyone to use my system in the hopes that some of those people might show some interest in high-end audio. Results so far: nada, but I keep on hoping. I can't even get my wife and kids interested.

Al Marcy's picture

Share the joy!

J-10's picture

I'm lucky, Kten is a real audiophile. When I switch preamps, all she wants to know is where's that volume control---she likes to crank it! More advice: let others play around with your stereo; maybe they'll become more involved and engaged than if told to stay out or don't touch!

Herv's picture

Anyone, but . . . I've actually 2 systems, one (the all-days one) in the sitting room, one ("my" higher-end system) in my dedicated audio listening room. Both my kids (8 and 6) can use the primer, because it's easy and they know it very well. "My" high-end system is less technically sophisticated (no remote, plops on power-on, etc.), so I always assist my kids when they (rarely) want to use it. My Signifiant Other can (and does) use both, even though she's not very confident with "my" system. I simply think that if you correctly explain the use of any system, most people can enjoy it. My kids already have their vintage system, and they know how to play 45rpms (33rpms are still too big for their small hands) on their Thorens TD124 II!

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Just Monica Lewinsky

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She is the only one who knows how to use my HT.

Scot Forier's picture

Anyone, who has any responsibility at all, is allowed to operate my system.

Matthew Pearson's picture

My wife is allowed to use my system, but I've never seen her touch it---she says she is scared to death of messing something up.

Todd A.  Lee's picture

Not that I have great equipment or anything, but I cringe whenever I see my kids go near my equipment. It's not as bad as when I was a kid, though. My older brother wouldn't let me touch his albums until I was 12 and was well-trained in the ART of LP care. At least CDs have saved me from that ritual. I have had an untold amount of CD cases broken and tape pulled from its shell by my kids. They do use the VCR, however.

Paul K.'s picture

Nobody I know even wants to touch my system!

Dale Fellbaum's picture

One button-press of the universal remote will turn on the amp, preamp, tuner, and select the tuner, so my spouse can listen to the radio anytime. No one is allowed to move the speakers.

Fran's picture

Even though I live alone, nobody else is generally allowed to touch the thing because no one else knows how to work the damn thing! I need to get a touchscreen remote with single-button controls so that even the most technophobic person in the family can understand what buttons labeled Play A Movie, Watch TV, and Listen To The Radio mean.

Garland J.'s picture

I generally don't like anyone fooling around with my audio system. On occasion, I don't mind if a friend pops in a disc or two, but no one touches the remotes!

G.  Strausser's picture

Fortunately, my wife has no interest in using the system.

Mike L.'s picture

Anyone who can operate it can use it. I hate people that are over sensitive about their equipment. Thinking that if someone other than themself touch it it will break or something.

Ken So's picture

Anybody who loves good music. Isn't that what it's all about? My 2-year-old daughter knows how to put a CD in our Hafler CD player. She also brings records to our LP cleaner to let me clean for her. Most of my non-audio friends, after hearing and playing around with our audio system, end up going out and buying their own systems.

St's picture

As long as the person asks . . . just to remind them to be careful. I really do think that everybody should be allow to experience the feeling of a quality music session (kids are our future). Give me a break---it's not like everybody would want to test-drive your brand-new Porsche!!! (even when it is almost the same price)

Damon Anderson's picture

My only exception are dangerous children (you know the ones). However anyone with the guts to try to use the system is free to do so. It like many other system has become somewhat complex. People don't understand how anyone can have seperate preamp, amps (monoblocs at that) and processors in addition to source components. I encourage anyone to take a listen to encourage an understanding of the home listening experience can be. Most people think I have a sickness, and I don't mind spreading the decease. I fortunately know people who are considerate enough to not abuse my system.

David V.'s picture

They first must pass my rite of audio passage, which is a very deadly initiation. First I whip the want-to-be controller 1812 times with the power cords from my components. (Any serious audiophile will surely recognize this number's significance.) Next, I duct-tape them to my listening position and hold their eyes and ears open, Clockwork Orange style, while I play the soundtrack from that very film. After the ears bleed after 48 hours of exposure, I drop my monoblock amplifiers on their toes to show them that 1) these are very heavy, 2) they hurt badly, and finally, 3) if anything happens to my stuff, I will find other body parts to drop them on, if ya know what I'm saying and I think you do. After this process they are allowed to control my system, and maybe even whack me around with a power cord if I feel like getting silly like that.

Graeme Nattress's picture

As long as they have had proper instruction, I don't mind who uses it.

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My audio system is very simple. A fact my wife appreciates. My video system, OTOH... had to have a cheap sheet, so ended up putting a satellite setup in the kids' room.

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'nuf said.

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This is a flawed question. Giving only one choice does not allow for an accurate answer. My grown children use my system when they are home. My audiophile buddies are also entrusted with control of the system, and my wife SURE knows how to operate the volume control (both on the preamp and its remote control)!!

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No one else touches my system and lives.