Which genre of music gets the most playing time on your system?

Which genre of music gets the most playing time on your system?
24% (78 votes)
1% (3 votes)
0% (1 vote)
Show tunes/soundtracks
1% (3 votes)
23% (74 votes)
World music
1% (3 votes)
2% (5 votes)
Rock (all variations)
29% (95 votes)
3% (11 votes)
7% (24 votes)
2% (7 votes)
Other . . .
7% (22 votes)
Total votes: 326

Mellow jazz and small-combo instrumental music is frequently the material of choice in audio stores and at hi-fi shows. But audiophiles enjoy a wide variety of music. Reader Richard Horan wonders: what's your favorite?

Thad Aerts's picture

For me, its an even tie between hardcore and jazz. This is what will most likely be found on my turntable but is by no means exclusive.

Peter MacHare's picture

All of the above? I've bought music in all of these categories in the past month.

Joe Hartmann's picture

There are very few categories of music that I will not listen to at one time or another. At this moment I am listening to Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte. Earlier this morning it was Emmy Lou Harris and Sonny Rollins. Right now its 9:37AM.

Tom Selnau's picture

I hate being pigeon holed into one selection. I like at any given time any style of music.

Federico Cribiore's picture

Jazz, Rock, Modern Classical, some though very little blues...overall...anything that tries to stretch the boundaries of what we call music gets airplay on my system.

???'s picture

Punk rock rules the roost at my home. Whether it's the Ramones blastin' out "Judy is Punk" or the Wretched Ones jammin' "Oi! Rodgers," it's nice to know that the 8 grand I've spent on my system is going to good use! But seriously, no matter what the music, it all sounds great with my Cary preamp and Quicksilver amps pushing along!

John K Howell's picture

Jazz, follewed closely by Blues and Classical (in the mornings).

Priya N.  Werahera's picture

Classical music, both western and oriental is my favorite. I love Mozart and consider him to be the man of the millenium.

Jeff Loney's picture

I have found that the more that I listen to different high-end audio systems (at audio clubs, friends', retailers, etc.), the wider the range of music that I am exposed to and the more eclectic my tastes become. The more eclectic my tastes become, the greater the chance I have of listening to "spine-chilling/tingling" pieces of music. The only limit to this whole process is the time I have left to listen to music (after sleeping, eating, etc.)!

Eric Jansen's picture

This is a tough question, I have listened to Rock since I was a pre-teen and it was the "cool thing" to do. I look at my collection now and the genres are all over the place. Still a lot of Rock but with quite a bit of Country, Classical, New Age, World and so on. It just depends on my mood as to what I want to listen to. So much music, so little time.

Marty Troum's picture

This question has more than one answer for me. I have a lot of different "favorites" from the classical, jazz, rock, blues, country, choral, and other genres. I could listen for hours to intimate, live recordings of guitar and vocal blues, as well as some bombastic Tchaikovsky, some outrageous Motley Crue, and some joyous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. If I had to pick only one, it'd be the blues.

Daniel Geiger's picture

I have been awarded on a number of occasions the "Worst Taste in Music Award." I listen to everything that is difficult to listen to: Garage Punk with barking dog in background; White Noise in the style of Flipper, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, and The Ex; modern classical like Hindemith, Bartok, Shostakovich, Prokoviev (I play the viola); truly unique sounds like Amps for Christ, Bastro, My Dad is Dead, Nice Strong Arm. Needless to say, on vinyl. You may wonder why I'm wasting a high-end system on noise, right? Why does Beuys hang in a museum? It's all a matter of taste.

Steve Dudley's picture

Though my music of choice is good old rock'n'roll, I have digital audio to thank for being turned on to new types of music. Jazz, new age---hell, even classical! It was funny when I realized how much classical music I recognized from cartoons I watched as a kid. Looney-Tunes, Merry Melodies---now I get it.

Craig C.'s picture

I hope Classical is the biggest vote-getter because of its merits, not because you placed it at the top of your list of choices for this week's Vote!

George Lancaster's picture

The sound quality of popular music cd's has improved over the last few years. Could mean an increase in high end audio sales.

Joel Mack's picture

Choose one??!!! That's impossible. Choosing only one kind of music is like choosing only one kind of food -- a true audiophile needs a balanced diet to stay healthy.

Ron Sellner's picture

You present the same problem that I encounter in a large CD store. Where do I look for Jennifer Warnes, Judy Collins, Dory Previn, Greg Brown, Janis Ian, etc.?

David L.  Wyatt's picture

Rock mostly, but on a given night it might be jazz or classical to fit my mood

Kam Bhagia's picture

Print more rock reviews. Make classical reviews less academic - if you care about classical music and want to make it more approachable, publish reviews that more mainstream listeners can understand.

Paul LaNoue's picture

I get hooked on a certain type of music for three to six months at a time, usually because of a group of exceptional recordings I have found. These recordings will lead me on a brief love affair with a particular type of music. The latest paramour is blues.

boogiemn@frontier.net's picture

Classic Rock and Roll, Baby!!!!. . CCR, CSN & Y, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac. . . Forget the new stuff, come on back to the "Real thang"!

John Dark's picture

There isn't one kind of music that I'll refuse to listen to. That's how I became interested in audio to begin with. I wanted something that would make all my music---pop, classical, "world," jazz---sound better. I think that it's intersting, though, that as I age, I simply add new genres to my appreciation. My father played nothing but opera and classical when I was a kid, I listened to rock as a young teenager, and New Wave and World music as a college student, which led to jazz in my 20s and now early 30s. I know that I'm headed back to classical and opera eventually; my father has willed me all his old vinyl. Hopefully it will be many more years before it's mine! In the meantime, I get the love of audio that he instilled in me as a little boy . . .

Keith Gordon's picture

Tough to name one. presets on my car radio are two classical and two jazz. Let's face it. There's so much to like!

Eric Leideman, Tokyo's picture

Personally, I count opera as "Classical" music as well, just as orchestral, chamber, etc. But separated, I guess I listen to 80% "classical" (mostly orchestral), 10% opera, 7% jazz, and 3% rock.

G.  Klemencic's picture

It's inspire me and it's getting mixed with other music styls.

Rodney Gold's picture

Why can't I pick more ? Do I get negative points if I pick more than one;)? Seriously , there are only 1 or 2 gendres I don't enjoy , Opera, C&W and heavy metal

Eric Kahklen's picture

I spent the early years of my audiophile experience searching for the ultimate-sounding discs regardless of the music type. After the dust settled, I realized I was no longer enjoying the music, but instead striving for sonic perfection. I am happy to say that after 5 years and over $10k, I have found the enjoyment of listening to the music rather than which disc sounds best. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a decent-sounding recording and wish the larger music companies would work a bit harder on improving that portion of the music production.

Michael A.  Natbony's picture

Although most of the types of music listed get occasional play, with jazz and choral running a close 2 and 3), at least half my listening time is spent enjoying classical.

Adam Leppert's picture

I'm sure I am pretty much a lone warrior on this one, but my system plays TECHNO above everything else. And yes, it is on LPs!!

Robin Banks's picture

On a long, hard day, what could be more relaxing than to listen to some smooth jazz and just chill...