Where is your primary music system?

We were surprised at the results from last week's vote to see that so many readers have separate two-channel systems. So we're curious: where have you set up <I>your</I> main music system?

Where is your primary music system?
Living/Great room
53% (231 votes)
Family room/Den
14% (63 votes)
7% (32 votes)
Custom-built room
5% (24 votes)
Main bedroom
7% (29 votes)
Spare/Guest bedroom
7% (31 votes)
2% (8 votes)
Kitchen (!!)
0% (0 votes)
0% (1 vote)
Dorm room
0% (2 votes)
My car
0% (2 votes)
3% (15 votes)
Total votes: 438

Bill McMillan's picture

We have a house built in 1879, so my listening room doubles as our parlor. The house has solid brick walls inside and out. We bought a large antique tapestry to tame the rear wall and drapes behind each speaker also help.

Brian's picture

Soon to receive customization

Al Earz's picture

Until I can finish my basement and have a seperate theatre room. I will then have my system there. My two channel system will be there as well. My plans include a acoustically enhanced room that will benefit both systems. At that time I will buy a lessor A/V receiver and some less expensive speakers and us that in the living room. But that is a budget dream at this point. So I am comfortable with the main system in my living room. There must be a reason they call it a "living room" , right?

Gregg Fedchak's picture

A dedicated listening room, designed and built for that purpose, is a luxury. A well-deserved one!

Herv's picture

My main system is in the basement. It was initially because late listening sessions were not compatable with the quietness of the family house. Then I discovered that I could better play with speaker placement, tweaking, testing, etc. Now I definitely believe that a dedicated audio room is the best, provided you have enough space to do it.

Saeed Iqbal's picture

Like the majority of the respondants to last week's vote, I too advocate keeping the HT and music systems separate. I live in a suite of rooms in my parents' house which largely consists of a 19' by 13.5' bedroom that opens on to a 10' by 13.5' sitting area. My main two-channel rig is set up in the bedroom which has the requisite space to accomodate my large floor standing Klipsch Quartets (associated equipment is Musical Fidelity A3CR amp, Musical Fidelity X-Pre preamplifier and a Yamaha CDX-660 cdp). The decidedly mid-fi HT system is in the sitting room (Panasonic 29" direct view TV,Yamaha RXV800 receiver, Pioneer DV233 DVD player,Tannoy M3s for the fronts, a cheapo but servicable Jamo centre/surround combo, and a JBL 10" sub). The HT set-up is more than adequate for my needs and appropriate to the space it is called upon to occupy. I am also in the process of expanding the suite such that by early next year I should have added a 35' by 19' section to my existing space. I plan to move the two-channel system out into the new space as it would be even more conducive to the Klipsch. Indeed, I have already modelled the (as yet virtual) space using the CARA 2.1 room optimisation software and found the best speaker placement options. I can't wait to move in!

Bruno Deutz's picture

As I am mostly listening to XX century composer, I have to go somewhere else as my wife hate that music. As advantage, I do not have WAF issue.

Daniel Emerson's picture

Seeing as I am currently living in a bedsit, I would have to say all of the above apart from Car and Office.

Stephen Curling's picture

For now the main system is in the living room to be shared with everyone else. But when I can afford to build it's moving to the basement.

Gene T.'s picture

Temporary location in new house until Golden Ratio dedicated listening room is built in the basement, hopefully by late this year.

Mike Parenteau's picture

2-channel upstairs, home theatre downstairs

Stephen's picture

I miss my old house. The wife let me use it as my listening room. Not so here in the new digs.

Chet's picture

Bedrooms tend to have simple 2-channel systems for background listening

Brankin's picture

My living room, but only out of necessity! I don't have many rooms in my home. We are saving our pennies towards a new family room/den and will convert the current LR to a music/media room. But, there will always be different systems for 2 channel & HT.

Mike Healey (has the sillies)'s picture

The good stereo is in a separate bedroom over the garage. The music sounds so good that I've been referring to the room as the conservatory. If I could install a telescope and dome, I would call it the conservatory observatory. Adding a special equipment testing and burn-in room would make for a conservatory observatory laboratory. And if I added a 4th bathroom, you could walk down the hall and to the left into the conservatory observatory laboratory lavatory! :)

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Joe's picture

Why? Did you find it.

Tempus's picture

This is a trick answer. My custom room is also in my basement. Dedicated Home Theater/2 Channel audio room. If only my pockets were deep enough for two rooms.. {sigh}

Timothy O.  Driskel's picture

In my sun room just off the main living room which has the HT setup. My Sunroom is 11' x 8'. I run a near field set-up in that room. My 804's are 6' apart center to center and my listening position is 6.5' away. In the current domain this is all I'm afforded, what with a one-year-old cruising around looking for places to stick neat food objects. My sun room is isolated by French doors and the HT is out in the open but all of my HT is replacable because it's mid-fi at best, and when we move to a larger place and my son gets older, I will upgrade my HT. My office system consist of a pair of Wharfdale D8.2's driven by my new Unison Research S6, which replaced my son's new NAD 317. The front-end is a Musical Fidelity X-Ray. Both the X-Ray and Unison have Blue Thunder couplers and a pair of Truth Links and Oval 12s to the Wharfdales.

beken's picture

I moved into a house with a finished basement. My stereo is set up in the games room. This is ideal since I don't have a pool table or pingpong table or anything big like that. I'm considering the possibility of also converting another room to a recording studio.

Chris L.'s picture

The home theater is for the family and entertaining. The office is all mine.

Norman Bott's picture

Actually I live in a large efficiency therefore I have limited choice in the matter. I just prefer two systems instead of one because movies are not as important as music to me. Also, I am too lazy to change it at the moment.

Jim's picture

My living/great room has a cathedral ceiling which opens it up for a remarkably airy, flat frequency response sound. Great for a 2-channel music system, especially as I listen to a lot of choral works.

Bill S.'s picture

When I met my wife, many years ago, she already owned a house. I built a dedicated stereo room in the basement before I even married her and moved in. I guess it's a good thing she didn't change her mind!

Ren's picture

The family room, but the sound fills up the house nicely to the extent that people comment on the sound, even from the other rooms. The secondary systems in the bedroom and the cars are almost as good. Music everywhere, all the time.

Anonymous's picture

It's in the basement only because of space. It functions as both my main stereo system and as my HT.

Bob Haddard's picture

We actually call the living room the "music room." It is almost solely for playing and listening to music.

Al Marcy's picture

I listen where I sleep.

Rickylito's picture

Small, spare bedroom, 10' by 11' by 8'. But it is all mine! It has a table and a Weller soldering station. There's a computer and printer, lots of magazines, records, CDs and all kinds of equipment. But, the room is all mine! All mine! And it's heaven.

John Mallon's picture

My Living room, I don't have anywhere else to put it.