What would you like to nominate as the best audio product released in 1999? Why?

What would you like to nominate as the best audio product released in 1999? Why?
Here it is:
86% (114 votes)
Don't have one
14% (18 votes)
Total votes: 132

For the December issue, <I>Stereophile</I> will be running its "Product of the Year" results. But what would <I>you</I> nominate for best product of 1999?

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Vandersteen 1C

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Krell KPS 25 sc The best plyback system ever made IMHO

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Sonus faber Amati. Got to get me one of these. Now if I can only strike the lottery.....

Prithviraj M.  Vedpathak's picture

Wadia 860 CD player

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MSB LinkDAC—simply stunning for the bucks, especially when run of 12+ 12- c/t battery supply improves all 30%.

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Audio Pro Black Diamond should be the best loudspeeker of the year. 'Course, for the price, it's just the BEST! The sound is so clear and nice . . .

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Dunlavy Athena speakers—they are outstanding, truly high-end-performing speakers. Accurate, realistic, full-spectrum sound combined with very modest price.

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Adcom GFP-750 preamp

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Dynamic Precision 6.5

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There wasn't anything that really got me going to the point of voting for it. I will hold judgement on the Sony SACD player until more SACD software is available for it.

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Krell Master Reference: more power!

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The Paradigm Reference Active/40s offer excellent sound. When you consider that they include amplification, they also offer excellent value.

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Sonus Faber Amati

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Marantz SR-18

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The hands-down winner is the MSB LinkDAC. Like Audio Alchemy in the past, it has brought the sound of high-end, high-priced DACs to the masses of budget audiophiles. But the real winner should be the Channel Islands Audio-modified LinkDAC coupled with their Monolithic HC-2 power supply (replaces the wall-wart). This combo equals anything below $10k and sells for only $869 MSRP. Once heard, one wonders how the others can overcharge so much!

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Sony SACD-1: Finally, SOMEONE admits that there is "So much MORE to hear" . . . No, seriously—totally new mediums are rare enough to warrant mention in Products of the Year.

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Dunlavy Athena loudspeakers: better mid range and cheaper then the SCIVa

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Mark Levinson No.32 Reference preamplifier. Quite simply, one needs to read the technical design document, then have a listen. It is so far ahead of any preamp ever produced. I can not wait to read the review. It is the much-awaited partner to the coveted No.33H monoblocks.

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Sony SCD-1 Player. Don't have one, but it is high on my wish list. If Sony releases my favorite Rock titles I'll be in heaven.

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EAR V20—because it's one of the few products where looks match the sound!

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wilson audio MAXX

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Dunlavy Athena. Dunlavys, in general, sound less like a "box of technology" and more like "music" than anything else I've ever heard. Here is the Athena—a full-range Dunlavy for just under $6000.

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Sony SCD-1 SACD Player

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The Proceed PMDT. It is a true "one-box" solution to the audio and video formats that are offered today, and offers the confidence of upgradeability to handle the future with equal attention to detail. In short, I trust Madrigal to use this platform to take me through the growing pains the new formats will bring.

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Grado Statement cartridge

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Revel Salon loudspeaker—a very impressive performer, especially the bass and in difficult rooms.

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Jeff Rowland Design Group Coherence. I actually replaced my Synergy with the Coherence, as it is just that much better.

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Theta CasaNova. Scary how good this is, and scary how little has been written about it. Does amazing audio in true Theta form, and carefully crosses into [gulp] home theater with finesse. Delicious 24/96 performance. Amazing.

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Denon AVR 3300 Receiver excellent performance at reasonable price