What do you sit in when listening to your system?

Reader Doug Cline just bought a new La-Z-Boy and likes the way it feels, but wonders about its effect on the sound. What do you prefer for listening?

What do you sit in when listening to your system?
An overstuffed chair
7% (20 votes)
A normally stuffed chair
17% (51 votes)
A La-Z-Boy
12% (34 votes)
An unstuffed chair
6% (17 votes)
A couch
37% (109 votes)
A bench
0% (0 votes)
A rocking chair
2% (6 votes)
Other . . .
14% (42 votes)
Chairs are for wimps---I stand!
3% (8 votes)
I sit on the floor
2% (6 votes)
I lie on the floor
0% (1 vote)
Total votes: 294

Al Marcy's picture

I listen in bed.

Anonymous's picture

After a long search , I found a 2 position real leather recliner that also swivels , it has a low back that supports the neck and doesnt occlude or give rise to reflections to the ears. My wife made a sort of slip on lightly quilted cotton cover for the last 1/3rd of the back , thus even further preventing any reflection at ear level. It is amazingly comfortable and I can position myself within milimeters of the sweet spot. My Hifi and 200 of my favourite CDs are right nearby me , with a small side table doing duty as a beverage/food holder. I dont have to get up to change CDs etc. I settle myself in , get comfortable , and procced to have multiple eargasms.

John Crossett's picture

I listen whilest sitting comfortably on the family couch as I share my listening room/livingroom with the rest of my family. My wife is tolerant, but there are limits.

M.A.'s picture

This Natuzzi Siena is absolutely the most comfortable chair i've ever sat in. Tested many chairs before buying it.

MacGregor Rucker's picture

I went to an exclusive furniture auction in Paris, and because my wife speaks fluent Pig Latin, we were able to haggle and get a great deal on a very rare "necktie" chair designed by Jean Philippe LeMerde (only 3 million francs!!!!). So now when I listen to my favorite recording (Three Obscure White Broads Sing The Best of Snoop Doggy Dogg) on my belt-driven CD transport (belt came free with Haggar double-knit slacks), I sit in the ultimate of comfort. Mac-10

J-10's picture

I get my musical thrills sitting in a '60s Ribbon Chair designed by Pierre Paulin (a French architect). It's a tad low, but I get everyone to SIT UP STRAIGHT when evaluating the sound. Suggestion: Try to avoid very high stuffed chairs or couches whose backs come up over ear level. That's one way to tune the acoustics, but it may not be the best way to do so! And don't forget to experiment by moving your listening chair slightly forward and back to find the spot where the sounds locks in.

steve in E.L.'s picture

I use a director's chair, it puts my ears at a good level and doesn't have much impact on the sound

Carlos_E's picture

My HT is setup in my living room. The sweet spot is aimed towards our coach.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Correctly positioned

Runner drummer plumber's picture

Even though I am a marathon runner,I love to stretch out on the couch and listen.To every thing from Resphigi to Blind Faith!

Barry Krakovsky's picture

I like to sit on a couch. It allows me to surround myself with album jackets and various reading material. Sometimes my spouse and children sit next to me---that is, until they realize there are other things they could be doing. Imagine that. Doing other things!

Phillip Lacio, Detroit's picture

A DAY BED. Better than a couch in terms of comfort and size: It has a solid metal frame and takes up less space than the average couch yet provides more surface area to relax on. Great for DVD (or the future DVD-Audio and SACD). Stereo is for losers anymore. MULTICHANNEL can do it all! If you have front projection and five symmetrical speakers you can have the best of all worlds...

Larry Nestor's picture

I have only one chair in my listening room; visitors must crouch on the floor.

Rob P's picture

When I begin a listening session, I don't want interruptions. To my right is a cooler and various liqueurs, to my left is a humidor, and I sit on a dedicated toilet I installed in the sweet spot. This is the life.

Stephen Curling's picture

i use a "childish" armless rocking chair that doesn't have legs either: basically a curved pieces of wood with padding on top. cumffy most of the time.

Mark Reynolds's picture

I'm no wimp. I listen while on a bed of nails---keeps the attention level up.

Scot Forier's picture

Of all the furniture in my living room the best seat in the house is the end of the couch. It is even the most worn.

erich's picture

My chair sucks. I have absolutly no neck support. Oh well. maybe I should't go to IKEA...

Jeremy Karpenske's picture

My chair isn't your typical La-Z-Boy . . . it's a well-worn, no-name-brand recliner given to me by my grandma. It rocks in ALL directions and makes horrible noises when you first sit down . . . but once you're in, you won't find a more comfortable listening chair.

tony's picture

My dedicated listening room is the last one planned to be redecorated, as such I'm using an old Futon, and considering how much I spent on the stereo it looks like the Futon will be around for some time.

JKH, Santa Clara, CA's picture

My "chair" has been frustrating me ever since I bought it. We got two recliner chairs, solid leather, very comfortable for reading and watching TV. Unfortunately, we neglected to account for the sonic effects of having an overstuffed headrest right behind the ears! Putting an Afghan over the back helped, but the sound still hardens and flattens with higher volume. The next "chair" is going to be a low-backed loveseat, with the back wall 15 feet away. Should be great!

HT's picture

Nothing beats a La-Z-Boy in the sweet spot. You get perfect soundstage and be the only one in the room.

Andrew Johnson's picture

As long as my head is above the back of the chair, the sound is relativily unaffected. The perfect mesh of comfort and hi-fi.

Alfred Fredel's picture

I sit on my futon which is in a room dedicated to music only. It sits in the center and there are 2000 cd's to my left and 550 on my right (the LP's are in the other room because of space limitations) and they are each filed in order. This is my primary source of pleasure (other than my wonderful fiancee)and I can sit with a book, a glass of wine and a good book.

Todd A.  Lee's picture

Gee whiz!!! Now there's audiophile furniture too!? When's it going to be alright to just listen to music?

Mark Powers's picture

Allow another person to listen at the same time.

Charlie S.'s picture

My shorts.

Paul L.'s picture

A foldable butterfly chair. I spent all my money on gear.

Paul Simoni's picture

Actually, I suspend myself in mid-air using 247 vacuum pumps from old Sota Sapphires, run in series, which is enough to de-couple me from the floor, thereby eliminating my ears from receiving any extraneous vibrations. I used to sit on a bed of inverted Michael Green AudioPoints, but that hurt, especially if I started to boogie too much! Now I am experimenting with careful placement of my dogs and cat for reducing standing waves and taming early reflections. However, I am finding it hard to get them to stay in one place for too long, especially the cat, and when transients occur, well, forget it! By the way, just in case there is some twit out there: just kidding.

Isiah Johnson's picture

A couch, with the sweet spot easily more worn than the other parts of the sofa. If only I can sell this sofa to a non-audiophile couple who don't like each other---maybe the edges can get some use through that approach.