What is the crown jewel in your music collection?

What is the crown jewel in your music collection?
Yes, here it is:
74% (93 votes)
No, don't have one.
26% (33 votes)
Total votes: 126

Is there a single CD or LP that holds significant value for you? Is it an old ratty copy of your first record ever bought, or a pricey, collectible piece of vinyl?

T's picture

Sparks: "Propaganda." The first LP I bought.

flash's picture

no, only lots of recored i love with good memories. everything is transitory no nothing is irreplaceable

Joe's picture

Bruce Springsteen, "Born To Run," 1/2-speed-mastered. The Rock Album of all time.

Joe Hartmann's picture

The LP of Raymond Leppard conducting Bach's Brandenburg Concertos on Philips 6747 166. I would think it's the music, but his recording of the Brandenburgs is the one to which I always return. In a collection in the 1000s, it was amazing how quickly I thought of this music. Next would be Beethoven's Middle Quartets---I have four and change my fave all the time.

Chris S.'s picture

My John Lydon/Leftfield CD single. I wandered the earth for many a year searching for this one before it was rereleased. Of course, I finally purchased it at a local store right around the corner. Irony . . . hmmph.

Health Nut's picture

There are too many types of music and good CD's to pick just one... Besides, with multichannel DVD-A/SACD on the horizon, I'm less interested in what I have now and anxious for GOOD multichannel recordings.

Anonymous's picture

Born to Run by the Boss - one of the top rock albums of all time.

John Leosco's picture

Yep. Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue." Give me just a single desert-island disc and this is it.



Scot Forier's picture

Each and every piece in my music collection has some value to me. There are several that offer me more value, but I just listen to them more often.

Craig Stephens's picture

If you wanted me to name the 500 that hold a special place then I could do it; but, one, not on your life!

Jim Bow's picture

There are two CD's that I have had for years and play over and over: Emmy Lou Harris' Wrecking Ball and Tom Petty's Greatest Hits.

Marty's picture

1984's "Frontier Days" by the Del-Lords forever legitimized rock'n'roll in my mind. Sadly, the vinyl copy has worn out and the recording never made it to digital.

S.  Hummelholm's picture

Led Zeppelin: "The Song Remains the Same" (live LP).

Anonymous's picture

Substance by New Order.

Federico Cribiore's picture

I have this DAT of Coltrane in 1966 at the Newport Jazz Festival that was recorded off of the radio at the time with 1" reels and transferred directly to my DAT. It's just unreal. I have made four backups of it, just in case it somehow gets toasted!

Karl Richichi, U.T.  Film Dept.'s picture

Slint LP, "Spiderland," signed by the band . Big Black LP, "Songs About F#*@ing," signed, a close second; and the THX "WOW" laserdisc, third. Sorry :)

Peter Randell's picture

Other Voices, Other Rooms by Nanci Griffith is my favorite.

Claude C.  hall's picture

Its LSC 1817

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I don't buy records from the Franklin Mint.

Craig Okruhlica's picture

The most treasured piece of my collection is a Mobile Fidelity gold-disc remaster of Pink Floyd's "The Wall." Even though it's on CD and not LP, the out-of-print remaster of (IMHO) the greatest album ever made is very special to me.

Dan Lombardi's picture

Simon and the Chipmunks Sing The Beatles. My first album purchase. I wish I had not scribbled on the cover when I was a kid.

Michael Chernay's picture

It is The Beatles "Love Songs" from 1977

Ken Malsack's picture

It's kinda like asking what's your favorite color or what genre of music do you want to listen too. Variety is the spice of life. After collecting music for over 25 years I have numerous favorites for alot of different reasons. All of them would be on albums, I just haven't developed any attachment to any CD. A few favorites are a UHQR copy of "Dark Side of the Moon", Mason Proffit's - Two Hangmen and an autographed copy of "Harvest" (from a neighbor's band called Matrix) released in 1980 on Pablo Today.

James E.  Heard's picture

Elton John's "Honky Chateau"

Mannie Smith's picture

A CD (the original LP was destroyed long ago) of one of the first recordings I ever bought---Dave Brubeck's "Jazz Goes to College." It's classical for me now, but finding the CD was a great thrill.

Fred's picture

It is a recording by Brian Eno, "The Pearl." I have listened for endless hours to my vinyl copy and have had to replace it with a CD copy. It is so hauntingly beautiful, and a masterful piece of music.

Skip Pettit's picture

Some time after it had gone out of print, I found out about the Mobile Fidelity Gold CD version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall." I looked for that CD for almost two years, and then found a sealed copy in a small record store in Virginia, for $25!

Al Marcy's picture

The Blues Roar by Maynard Ferguson, bought in Chicago, summer '63.

George Strausser's picture

Oscar Peterson's "Night Train." It's the first jazz album I ever bought. Over the years I've owned it in mono and stereo vinyl, 8-track, cassette, and two versions on CD. This album, more than any other, hits me where I live.