A Typical Display

A typical display at the M.O.C. was open, airy, and comfortable, made to resemble a well-designed modern home—very much unlike the typical hotel room at many of our US hi-fi shows, which are often dimly lit, stuffy, and completely uncomfortable.

Time and time again during the Munich High End Show, I was impressed by the ways in which hi-fi was presented.

The issue of cost, which is so often prevalent at our shows, also seemed nonexistent in Munich. Even the issue of sound, our reason for existence, seemed easy to overlook in light of the pure fun, obvious physical excellence, and, yes, sexiness, of the displays in Munich.

The Munich Show was not only promoting and selling sound, but was promoting and selling a way of life. In Munich, and perhaps in all of Europe, the idea of enjoying a certain high-quality “lifestyle” was eagerly embraced; meanwhile, here in the States, such an idea is often derided.


If hi-fi were presented in the States as it was at the Munich show, we might not have such silly questions about attracting a younger audience, attracting women, or even whether the hobby will survive. We would be too busy enjoying ourselves—stopping for a Spaten in the sun before heading on to the next exhibit—to waste time and life with any of that foolishness.

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Wondering if that was at Dynaudio's? You happen to remember what electronics they used?

Glad you liked the Show.

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Yes! That´s from Dynaudio´s. It´s the new Dynaudio Focus 160 &260 with a Chord CPM 2800 integrated amplifier..On the right hand side you´ll see the QBD 76, which is a DAC, so the playback source must have been something like a computer or a transport..