Tonian Acoustics

Tonian Acoustics was showing its new loudspeaker, the TL-S1 ($4300/pair as shown and up to $5700/pair with alnico magnet and custom veneer), which uses a modified SEAS driver run full-range augmented with a modified Fountek ribbon tweeter in a semi-open baffle. The speaker comes with several panels that allow more or less sound through an opening in the back of the cabinet, thus the "semi-open" aspect. Driving the TL-S1s were a relatively modest pair of vintage 1980s components—the Audiolab 8000 integrated amp and the Magnavox 650 CD player. The system was wired with Tonian Acoustics cable, which is a copper, bronze, and brass composite with cotton insulation (8' speaker cable $480/pair, 1m interconnect $380/pair and power cords $370). Contrary to what you might expect from '80s-era digital (read harsh) and solid-state, this system was relaxed, smooth and easy to listen to.

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I remember that old 80's Magnavox well--funky plastic feeling but really good sounding, not least due to it's TDA1541 DACs. Was plopped nearly whole into a great number of chassis and sold by high-end CD pioneers, or simply modded and slapped with badges. I remember the first Mod Squad CD player fitting into that last category. Very cool (and surprising!) to see one still running after more than 20 years.