Tannoy, Linn, and MIT

Through a system built on all-Linn electronics (Akurate DS: $6990; Akurate Kontrol: $6500; Akurate 2200 power amp: $5200), Tannoy Definition DC8 loudspeakers ($3600/pair, in lovely Espresso Walnut finish), and MIT cables, we listened to a series of short excerpts of hi-res demo material, from female vocals to a familiar drum solo off the good, ol' Sheffield Track & Drum Record.

Our host, Steven Lester, used an iPad running PlugPlayer and a QNAP NAS to play a combination of "Red Book," DVD-A, HDTracks, and Society of Sound files.

Vocals sounded consistently big and smooth, and that drum track sounded present and forceful, with great transient speed, impact, and detail for a dramatic, vibrant sound. Bam! Snap! Pow! Crash!

j22928's picture

The new Linn Majik Isobarik is pictured next to the Tannoy. How sad that there was no mention of how it sounded.

Stephen Mejias's picture

I'm sorry: The Linn speaker wasn't playing when I was in the room.  It sounded very quiet.

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it gives more better quality sound as i really want the same.
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Used to be that Tannoy speakers looked retro, nowdays I find the Linn speakers looking more retro and the Tannoys more modern. 

Stephen Mejias's picture

It depends on the series. Tannoy's awesome Prestige line carries the retro design.

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Used to be ALL Tannoy speakers looked retro.  You are correct some look like my Grandmother's armoir.