Easy on the Eyes and Ears: Fritz Speakers, ModWright, Zesto, Thorens, WyWires

The attractive Fritz Speakers Carbon 7 ($1750/pair) were matched with ModWright KWA 100SE power amplifier ($3995), ModWright LS 100 tube preamplifier ($3495), Esoteric SA60 universal disc player ($4995), Zesto Audio Andros PS1 MM/MC phono stage ($3900), and Thorens TD 309 turntable ($1900). WyWires provided the speaker cables ($1299), interconnects ($849-$1299), and power cords ($329). Room treatment was by GIK Acoustics and ASC. Steve Blinn Designs contributed the equipment rack ($1899). Billie Holiday’s Songs for Distingué Lovers (priceless) provided the mood.

The two-way, reflex-loaded Fritz Carbon 7 has a claimed 87dB sensitivity and 8 ohm nominal impedance. They use a 7” carbon-graphite-fiber/paper-pulp composite cone and a 1.1” soft-dome tweeter. The Zesto Andros phono preamp has a distinct 16-guage steel enclosure and uses four ECC83S vacuum tubes. All WyWires cables are customized to your system and made in the US.

The sound here seemed well-balanced and tonally correct from top to bottom with a fine sense of rhythm and pace. Very easy on the eyes and ears, just the way I like it.