The Synergistic Research’s Acoustic Enhancement Atmosphere Sweepstakes

Register to win a Synergistic Research Acoustic Enhancement Atmosphere (MSRP $2,250.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Synergistic Research Atmosphere is a room acoustic enhancement device that allows one to modify and improve the perceived soundstage as well as the quality of the sound from top to bottom of one’s system; all of this totally controlled by an iPad/iPhone app. What is even more remarkable is that this task is accomplished without a direct connection of any kind into one’s system components. At this point, I’m sure most of you will want to know what Atmosphere is actually doing to achieve this control of the sound of our systems.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

yage's picture

From the website - can't say that solar flares are affecting my listening space since it's in a below-grade basement. Maybe it'll keep it warm in the winter!

evanolynuk's picture

My listening room is the acoustic version of a funhouse mirror.

Cto007's picture

They put on a good dem at RMAF this year. Sign me up.

Millsdm's picture

Good luck!

cgh's picture

Please randomly choose me with absolute certainty now (the others will probably never know).

Anhdao's picture

Hope I will be lucky enough to try in my system

ashutoshp's picture

....the wave form is everywhere....about time somebody paid attention.

jhwalker's picture

I would like to try this out.

Trace's picture

I just bought the RED fuses.

hln's picture

Would like to add this to my system

csmalak's picture

Yes Please

matthra's picture

And down

Mr. Vega's picture

I hope win something one day

Mr. Vega's picture

I hope win something one day

Dick James's picture

It's worth a try.

defiance's picture

I am very interested in this. I can only imagine this helping my system.

The_Tho's picture

Count me in! Who wouldn't like to have a better soundstage?

freddiek40's picture

Yes Please :)

Bob Lindstrom's picture

I've been using innovative audio hardware since Bob Carver's first amplified cube. Hoping I get a chance to try out the Atmosphere.

mrobin's picture

This looks interesting.

Shivaji's picture

Looking forward to improving my sound stage with the Atmosphere

RBrooks's picture

to put this between my Linkwitz Lab LXmini's

mauidj's picture

Would love to try this in my acoustically challenged listening room.....

Bkhuna's picture

with a couple of dozen green markers but nothing worked. Maybe this is the cure I need.
For the win

willdao's picture

What the hey...

DH's picture

The contest rules link doesn't work

bertdw's picture

Yes I do.

Biko's picture

No dealers for SR in Italy: would be nice to try

Evilmanu's picture

Very intersting. Should be nice in our music room.

thad6000's picture

me too me too.

JohnBal's picture

Sure worth a try. I'd love to!

JJW's picture

I will give it a try.

7h33y3's picture

would love to give this thing a try. My living room would provide a good challenge.

Marc's picture

Just what my system needs. Hope I win.

boleary's picture

Thanks for the offer.

Pmalla250's picture

Well this sounds interesting, I would like to use it my place, if I could afford it:/

volvic's picture

I need some help, the Magic Crystals failed to make a noticeable difference.

CThru's picture

Eager to try it.

Joao1's picture

You ate a whole wheel of cheese?

jram's picture

Will these guys be at Axpona? I'd like to hear this in action.

prerich45's picture

Yes - go ahead and enter me, it's worth a shot :)

toon's picture

hope this contest sees a winner who otherwise couldn't afford this product

funambulistic's picture

Sign me up

vgencarelli's picture

The new for a Good sound

gunnerweb's picture

I'm not even certain what it is but free is free!

bsm539's picture

I have their speaker cables so I deserve this win

coffmand27's picture


otaku's picture

I would not drop $2,500 on such a thing, but to win it and try it would be great.

Casey737's picture

Sure, sign me up. I'll give it a go.

kana813's picture

I'll give it a good home.

tdenaples's picture

If everything will sound better, then I say, "Let's do it!"

DECA's picture

I would like to add this to my system

Horace Hendricks's picture

I never seen a product like this but would love to hear it on my system.

point's picture

Would love em.

rodeobrett's picture

I totally don't know what this is, but I want it

conanb's picture


alexk's picture

Count me in.

docdan50's picture

okay I'm in

Luke Zitterkopf's picture

Would be a nice addition to my listening room.

seikosha's picture

...please enter me into the sweepstakes

DECA's picture

Link to contest rules not working for me?

jedijoy13's picture

would be nice to win this...

papermill55's picture

Would be nice.

fkrieger's picture

For the win?

Nutshell's picture

Well, yes. Soundstages are what we are looking for.

Dr.Kamiya's picture

but how does it work? Aliens?

Anton's picture

It would be interesting to see what it does.

walleyeil's picture

Yes, give it to me.

readargos's picture

I'd like to try it.

imanpaul's picture

looks really interesting.

rhirsch's picture

I have heard good things about this product from people who have used it. Would love to win one.

jrhud's picture

Would love to try this voodoo.

Glotz's picture

Put me in there and mix some POT in there too!

mcdontho's picture

To give instruments space's picture

These vast eruptions from the sum may even drive the weather on Earth.

jdbaldoc's picture

Still don't exactly understand ho this device can enhance you total stereo listening experience?

plevy25's picture

This would make a wonderful addition to my listening room.

ednazarko's picture

wonder if it'll work with them too

klosterman's picture

I'm in! And if I win I'll post pics & a review :)

Cobb's picture

Synergistic Research Acoustic Enhancement Atmosphere sounds like something a Bond villain would create. I want one.

Kodak805's picture

I would very much like to try this.

RichardA1's picture

Yes I need this please.

cclay's picture


Stevelgbch's picture

WORKED in my room, this ought to be spectacular.

Ken K's picture

Count me in!

John Toste's picture

Free is good!

Joe 1953's picture

I need me some atmosphere!

xyzip's picture


Thaines's picture

Interesting product! Please pick me to try:)

hltf's picture

Hope I win this contest. Should be very interesting product.

Flinx's picture

I've actually noticed that my sound is better at night. I would love to see if the Atmosphere provides me with more stable sound quality. Thanks.

Jay Connor's picture

Into the early 1970s, RCA company publications, for use by RCA radio engineers, made pretty clear statements about sun activities and radio transmission and reception.

RCA even went a good bit further than sun spots and into planetary positions.

I’d noted the connection between visibly better audio playback, yes visible, and light (atmosphere) conditioning devices that I’ve used in my home for near 20 years. Nope, I’m not referring to ionizers.

So this seems like it could help a good bit, but there could be cheaper ways.

And it’s always seemed to me that great live performers like, but not limited to, opera singers change the light in a space when they’re singing well.

torturegarden's picture

I'd love to win and see if this actually makes a difference.

Archimago's picture

I want to run it through some tests :-)

Driftwood's picture

Definitely intriguing!

TravisPatrick's picture

Let's see some!

MrGneiss's picture

Time to win!! :-D

Bretson's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win an item like this.

blankdisc's picture

i want one please.

mikerr's picture

I would be forever indebted. Thank you ~

bigasherm's picture

I would like to try out a Synergistic Research Acoustic Enhancement Atmosphere.

bierfeldt's picture

I would try it

audiom's picture

Will it make so-called hi-rez recordings that were created from old analog tapes actually sound like hi-rez recordings? Uh, no, but I want it anyway!

keremz's picture

I have a lot of SR products and am I glad to have them... Try them for 30 days for free and you will see what I mean...

chrisstu's picture

At least once

jnani's picture

Please include new equipment - my aging Marantz has apparently blown a capacitor and hums constantly. A music server, DAC, turntable with cartridge, and speakers - with SR cables, of course - would be nice, too.

clayblecklet's picture

Sure, enter me -- and thanks!

rpali's picture

Yes please!

George Volinsky's picture

After borrowing Synergistic Researches ECT'S and HFT'S from the the Cable Companies cable library I couldn't live without them so I invested in a bunch of ECT's and HFT's and an FEQ and a used Element Tungsten power cord and I plan to buy more of their UEF products. They work exactly as advertised for me and have truly transformed my listening room into a calm quiet peaceful listening space filled with music. I sat hrough the Atmosphere demo 3 times times at the RMAF and I heard it perform exactly as advertised and hope to be able to afford one this year although winning one would be much better. Thank you Synergistic Research!

mtseymour's picture

I've enjoyed the ART acoustic treatment and look forward to trying the Atmosphere in my room.

monkeypugs's picture

I want to win

jamesk's picture

Would love to try it, see what it does in conjunction with their PHT on tonearm headshell. Besides, I am due (finally!) for a win!

jamesk's picture

Would love to try it, see what it does in conjunction with their PHT on tonearm headshell. Besides, I am due (finally!) for a win!

jamesk's picture

Would love to try it, see what it does in conjunction with their PHT on tonearm headshell. Besides, I am due (finally!) for a win!

GuillaumeLN's picture

this product is intriguing, I hope to try it in my weirdly shaped room

spyder1's picture

I need this!

Amazing grace's picture

Bizarre explanations aside, Synergistic cable products I've tried have performed as advertised. I'd certainly give this a shot for free.

DanaHolmes's picture

Where is this link to register??

gundam91's picture


Chaviha's picture

Please please please

geoffkait's picture

If it's free, I'm in.

Geoff Kait
Machina Dynamica

badboy07's picture

Need? Maybe. Want? Yes.

jac559's picture

I've heard the improvement in my friend's system and would love to win this.

Huz's picture
Huz's picture

Thank you.

sonorasam's picture

.....on YTube, even through my laptop and headphones!

gputty's picture

Would go great with all the other SR gear I have!

Revolver78's picture

I could definitely use this!

bjp22's picture

Very impressive.

Ormy51's picture

Love to hav

mp3robbo's picture

It would be nice to have a good set :)

mikepbrowning's picture

Sign me up

lrad's picture

I would love to see what this could do to my listening room :D

soundwize's picture

Solar Flare experiments… Sky-Fi Hi-Fi.. This would be some magic tuning forks!!!

soundman414's picture

Would be cool

Nuz1's picture

Sign me up

sidetracker's picture

I'm in

jennesy's picture

I'd love this!

kelseanixon's picture

Sounds cool:)

contest718's picture

Thanks for the chance to win! Awesome Prize!!

kewlshopper's picture

I really need to upgrade my sound system.

penemio's picture

I am so intrigued by this. I like that it can be controlled from my iPhone

ivel1977's picture

We would love this system to enhance our home theater!

chuckmnstereophile's picture

This would look nice in my home.

whiteiceb's picture

Good to me

tracee's picture

looks like it is fairly unobtrusive. hmmmm

bradley1134's picture

Will look great in the new house........

Autumnguerin1's picture

I'm so excited for this

makingadreamhome's picture

Looks like an audiophile's dream!

Anne Ho's picture

New gadgets are fun, and this one looks awesome