Sunny’s Home Theater and Music Systems (Room 1)

Covina, CA-based retailer Sunny's put one of their best feet forward with a pair of Wilson Audio Sashas ($27,700/pair), coupled to Boulder electronics that included the 2060 Stereo Power Amplifier ($46,000), 2010 preamplifier ($46,000), 1008 phono preamplifier ($12,000), and 1021 disc player ($27,700). Everything sat on a Finite Elemente Pagoda Signature rack and was cabled with Transparent Opus wire.

While I was in-room we listened to vinyl spinning on the Spiral Groove SG1.1 turntable ($20,000) and there was a lot of musical slam.

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This was one of the worse sounding rooms. I was there when the famed Mr. McGrath was there blasting the Sashas & chatting with the press. They were really LOUD, and the treble was so harsh that I couldn't stand it after 15min. I've heard the Sashas before, and they sounded much nicer from my recollection. May be these units had not been broken in?? I almost went for the Sashas with my recent 2Ch system upgrades, but really glad that I got the Focal Utopia Scala instead after this audition.