Sumo Axiom CD transport & Theorem II D/A processor System

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I treated the Axiom and Theorem primarily as a CD player in two boxes: the advantages of a separate clock suggest that these two products will work best together. I also evaluated the Axiom and Theorem separately, driving the Theorem with Mark Levinson No.31 Reference and Theta Data Basic transports. Similarly, the Axiom drove the Theorem II and Adcom GDA-600 digital processors. Digital interconnects included AudioQuest Diamond x3 (AES/EBU), Parasound DataBridge (coaxial), and a Prisma coaxial cable.

The processors under audition drove an Audio Research LS5 preamp via AudioQuest Diamond x3 interconnect or Magnan Type V. Power amplifiers were Audio Research VT150 tubed monoblocks connected via AudioQuest Lapis. The VT150s drove a pair of Genesis II.5 loudspeakers, with the 800W Genesis servo amplifier driving the system's four 12" woofers. Loudspeaker cables were 4!0 runs of AudioQuest Dragon II. A Tice Powerblock conditioned AC power to the front end and preamp, and an MIT Z-Stabilizer was plugged-in to the AC outlet. The room is treated with a hanging quilt and Acoustic Science Corporation's Tower Traps.—Robert Harley

Sumo Products Group
Company no longer in existence (2019)

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As was done recently with orig. 1987 PS Audio DAC, Stereophile should re-review the gear if possible. Ask for loaners on FB or the forums as needed.
New product developers and customers need some sort of "reference metric". E.g., how much has digital technology improved ... subjectively and objectively (measurements).

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For more than two decades, you have been able to rip once, play many, and do so with more precision and accuracy and consistency than with any real time CDP.

Playback using physical media is archaic, regardless if CD, LP or 8-track tape cassettes.

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... start with this unit:
The measured performance was outstanding and JGH said he'd buy one.

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Bryston BCD-3 ($3,500) measurements are comparable to the Sony CDP-X779 ES :-) ........

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Maranz CD 5005 ($400) and CD 6006 ($500) could offer similar excellent measurements as the Sony and Bryston CD players :-) .........

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Stereophile could review the Denon DCD-600NE ($300) CD player :-) .........

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Adjusted for inflation the Sony CDP-X779 ES would cost approximately $4,000 in 2019 :-) ........