Spotheim La Luce turntable and SpJ tonearm Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: nonsuspended turntable with dedicated pivoted SpJ tonearm and elastic-thread–driven stand-alone motor and housing. Bearing: J.C. Zwart Delrin chrome ball bearing, 55mm diameter. Bearing shaft: polished chrome-hardened steel, 15mm diameter; thin-film Teflon spray lubrication.
Dimensions: 16" W by 12" H by 11" D.
Serial number of unit reviewed: Not noted.
Price: $18,500 with tonearm. Approximate number of dealers: 71.
Manufacturer: Judith Spotheim-Koreneef, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Web: US distributor: Cardas Audio, (1998). Not currently distributed in the US (2006).

Judith Spotheim-Koreneef
Not currently distributed in the US (2006)