Spec RPA-W7EX Real-Sound power amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Stabi S turntable & Stogi tonearm; Denon DL-103, Ortofon 2M Red cartridges.
Digital Sources: Apple MacBook computer, Halide DAC HD, Western Digital T2 Mirror Drive (2).
Preamplification: Auditorium 23 A23 moving-coil step-up transformer, Shindo Laboratory Allegro preamplifier.
Power Amplifier: Shindo Laboratory Haut-Brion.
Loudspeakers: DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93, Snell Type J/II.
Cables: Interconnect: Analysis Plus, Shindo Laboratory. Speaker: Auditorium 23.
Accessories: Music Hall Aztec Blue & Mooo record mats; Clearview Double Helix Mk.II power strip (on loan); Salamander five-tier rack; IKEA Aptitlig bamboo chopping boards (under turntable, preamp, power amps); Mapleshade Isoblocks & 3" studio treatment foam damping of ceiling & walls.
Listening Room: 12' L by 10' W by 12' H, system set up along short wall; suspended wood floor; 6"-thick walls (plaster over two-by-four construction); wood-beamed ceiling.—Ken Micallef

Spec Corporation
US distributor: Tone Imports

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You said and purchasing, ripping, and selling CDs . I hope you didn't mean that you condone the practice of buying a CD, ripping it then selling it on whilst keeping the rip?

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I think this discussion about ripping a CD and what you can or cannot do with is so over.

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The test data for this amp look like something out of the deep dark hacker past! I got a little Topping for use with the computer (and some mid-sized old Altec bookshelf speakers) that sounds wonderful including clear, tight bass. For less than $100. Main complaint is lack of power - OK for the computer, but I wouldn't want to try driving anything much bigger or in a bigger room.

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the measurements are rubbish for this amp. a $300 Yamaha amp will trounce this cat.

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looking at the board design this amp was clearly designed by linear amp designer

"If you see toroids in the output filter, shudder. If it's mounted upright, shudder once more." Bruno Putzeys

Its like they read this article on what not to do and then do That.


Everything from transistor positions, ground board design, connector positions, filter components it is Bad i dont think this amp will pass CE FCC.

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dce22 wrote:
"If you see toroids in the output filter, shudder. If it's mounted upright, shudder once more."—Bruno Putzeys


When Bruno speaks, wise men listen!

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile