The Soundsmith room featured a hot and clean vinyl sound as played back with the Hyperion cartridge ($7500), which uses a cactus spine cantilever, routed to their affordable MCP2 phono preamp ($699), reviewed by Michael Fremer in our October 2011 issue and March 2012 issue. Pricing on the Hyperion includes a 10 year warranty and re-tipping. Playback came out of Soundsmith’s potent Dragonfly speakers ($2,000). While I certainly heard enough Stevie Ray Vaughan at this audio show to make me wish I had crashed that helicopter myself, the blues master’s slides exhibited a natural attack and decay that brought the man and his dirty Stratocaster to that very room in the Waldorf, a more than welcome revival.

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... doesn't resonate, on any level.

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...but wasn't it possible for the author to make his point without the tasteless insult about Vaughan's death? Cheap and lame; someone didn't get hugged enough in his formative years, to be sure.

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consider me part of the desensitized youth.

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This kind of stuff was moderately amusing in zines during the early 90s but now it just looks dumb and desperate.

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Journalism's not for you, inane comments.

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i'll do better next time. this was my first show report ever. there will be no jokes about death in my upcoming NYAS reports. maybe some jokes about srv.