So This is Where People Get the Stereotype From…

The relaxed and crystal-clear sound of the Legacy Whisper XDs tempted my entire CD collection, but I knew what I really wanted to hear: Phish’s Lawn Boy. Both Page McConnel’s and Trey Anastasio’s nuanced phrasing and John Fishman’s tasteful drumming would shimmer in the clean layout projected by these speakers. Legacy’s Bill Duddleston put on my CD. An audiophile in front of me turns around...

“Is this your reference recording?”

“No, I just really like this album.”

“But is it your reference recording?”

“Nope just one of my favorite records.”

“Well dynamically, it is just terrible. You should consider something else.”

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That's a hilarious account. Thanks for posting. One of my favorites as well... According to the online DR Database, Lawnboy comes in overall at a dynamic range of 12 for the album with one track even touching 14. :)

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thanks for the link!

that website is great!

i didn't think Lawn Boy was as bad as this guy was making it out to be! sounded pretty good on the Legacies!

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The life of an audiophile would be much easier with dynamic range and loudness standards in music as in film. Until then...Phish is off that guy's menu.