Snell Type C/IV loudspeaker Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

The dedicated listening room has optimum dimensional ratios for room-mode distribution. The Snell loudspeakers were driven by VTL 225W Deluxe monoblocks or a Threshold S/550e through 10' runs of bi-wired AudioQuest Green Hyperlitz. Preamplification was provided by an Audio Research SP-11 Mk.II, which drove the amplifier(s) through AudioQuest Lapis.

The analog front end was a Well-Tempered Turntable and Tonearm fitted with a Signet O-9C moving-coil cartridge. The arm has been modified by LP Research and Development Lab. An Expressive Technologies SU-1 step-up transformer, connected with Expressive Technologies IC-1 interconnect, stepped up the moving-coil output before driving the SP-11. Digital sources included the VTL D/A converter, Meridian 203, and a PS Audio SuperLink, all driven by an Esoteric P-2 CD transport through Aural Symphonics Digital Standard interconnect. Analog interconnects were AudioQuest Diamond.—Robert Harley

Snell Acoustics
(2009); company no longer in existence
as a separate brand, but website still active (2011)