Simple Systems from Simplifi Audio

Simplifi Audio room would be a priority on my first day since I missed them entirely last year where they apparently kicked much booty. Hosted by the amicable duo of Daniel Weiss of Weiss Audio and Tim Ryan of Simplifi Audio, a San Diego-based distributor, their large room was devoted to three different systems demoed throughout the weekend. The one I heard (pictured above) consisted of the Klangwerk Ella 2-way active speaker system ($7,495) fed by the Weiss DAC202 ($6966) and Weiss MAN301 Network Player ($9083; $12,262 with internal DAC), and Integrita Audiophile Music Server (approximately $6000).

Gazing around the room, I noticed the total lack of gear. There were no piles of wires and almost no power amps. I spoke up, “These systems seem so simple compared to the others.” Tim Ryan winked, “Well, that’s why we’re called Simplifi Audio.” To these two men, the most important factor when setting up a hi-fi is the room, and gear, if you desire, can be kept to a minimum.

Listening to the Allman Brothers “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” from Live at Fillmore East, the sound was subtly engaging, and I found myself disappointed each time I opened my eyes losing my focus to the gentle yet sparkling presentation.