Sennheiser Shows off their Cans

Sennheiser had the largest presence at the constantly buzzing Headzone section at this year's New York Audio Show.

dalethorn's picture

HD800: Very, very good. Didn't use a lot, though.

IE800: Excellent - narrow stage, but amazing realism. Don't use much due to in-ear fit.

HD700: Haven't tried. I expect more for $1000.

HD650: Had the original, same as HD600. New version is supposed to be warmer.

HD600: Good, but bland.

HD580: Bought after rave review in Stereophile. Too distant-sounding.

HD565: Bought to replace HD580. Much better.

Momentum: Exciting at first, but uneven treble could not be compensated on i-devices.

Amperior: Exciting, lush sound, very hard-hitting in upper bass. Tiring after awhile.

PX series: Much better on-ears available from Beyerdynamic (i.e. DTX501p).

From the 1970s: The HD414 was awful, but the 1998 anniversary edition was quite good, although it failed right away. The HD424 circa 1977 was much better.

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listening to the 650 -- particularly for its added warmth.