Resonessence Invicta and Concero

I’m sure you’ll know what I mean when I say I hate “Lilac Wine,” even though I think it’s a beautiful, touching song. A girl once put it on a mixtape for me, and you know how those things go. Lilac Wine is sweet and heady like my love. Yadda yadda yadda. I can hardly stand to hear it. But I sat all the way through it, happily, yesterday afternoon in the Resonessence room.

Maybe it was because I was hearing a 24-bit/88.2kHz WAV file of Barb Jungr’s rendition (a dark and creepy rendition), in super high-quality sound, with a sweetness, a delicacy, and a superbly open and deeply textured soundstage. I blame it on the Invicta DAC ($3995), one of AudioStream’s Greatest Bits.

Thanks, Resonessence, for giving me the ability to hear this song again. (Gah.)

Resonessence was also showing their new Concero ($599), which uses an ESS Sabre chip and supports 24/192 data via asynchronous USB 2.0 or S/PDIF, and can be used as a USB-to-S/PDIF bridge. I think it does some other cool stuff, too, involving Resonessence’s Internal Advanced Upsampling Filters. And it works with the cute Apple Remote. Michael Lavorgna was pretty excited about it. Availability is November 1st.

If it can get “Lilac Wine” out of my head, I’ll buy it.

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"A girl once put it on a mixtape for me, and you know how those things go. Lilac Wine is sweet and heady like my love. Yadda yadda yadda."

What are you, 13? Just file your reports. Who cares.

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..this is a report, Stephen tries to present his feelings.. 

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Old flames and $4000 DACs. What a combo.

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Geez, wherefore all these haters? I enjoy Stephen's inclusion of music memories over a dull reportage of the gear facts any day of the week. Looking foward to a review of the Concerco DAC.

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Awww, my apologies to Mr.Sensitive.

I just realized, he never said what version of Lilac Wne was in that famous mix tape...Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone....

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Whatever it is, it sure brings out the trolls.

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At least the "trolls" have something to say unlike you. How many people have even shown enough interest to comment on this event so far? Looks like a waste of time by the posters for so few readers or replies.

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I just have to ask why one would place a TV between the speakers and not expect it to have deleterious effect on the sound?

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How did I manage to miss the blinding flash of insight embedded in "Old flames and $4000 DACs. What a combo."


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Please enlighten us with your own words of wisdom then. No?  Thought you might just be blowing smoke,