New Releases from Steve Shelley’s Vampire Blues

Steve Shelley, rock-solid drummer of Sonic Youth and various other bands, has started a new record label called Vampire Blues. Releases will be available as LPs (with MP3 download cards) and as digital downloads. Will hi-res files be made available? We can hope.

The label’s first two offerings were released just a couple of days ago. Ancient Storm is the debut LP from Spectre Folk, led by Pete Nolan of Magik Markers and featuring Aaron Mullan on bass, Peter Meehan on guitar, and Shelley on drums. Bury the Kings is, I believe, Chris Lee’s fourth LP, and his first in nine years. This one has Lee playing guitar and singing, and puts David Nagler on keys, Aaron and Joey McClellan on bass and guitar, respectively, and also benefits from Shelley’s wizard drums. Chris Lee has always had a knack for putting together strong bands, and, from the snippets I’ve heard online, this one is no exception. Lee and the band seem in fine form.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend seeing Spectre Folk and Chris Lee in a live setting. Any opportunity to see Steve Shelley at the kit is a big deal, and, when he’s on, Chris Lee has the stage presence of an angel. He can shatter hearts with his pure, lovely voice.

Spectre Folk and Chris Lee will be performing on Thursday, August 30th, at Union Pool, in Brooklyn, New York.