Naim, Nola, and Nordost, Or: Pace, Rhythm, and Timing

Walking down the short, narrow corridor which led to the block of rooms hosted by Audio Vision was sort of like walking down the short, narrow length of Lucky 7 Tavern on a Saturday night: It was loud, crowded, and people kept asking me if I wanted a beer.

There sure is a lot of drinking going on at this show, I thought to myself.

Inside one of these rooms, I found a little rock’n’roll system of Nola Micro Grand loudspeakers ($15,200/pair); Naim HDX server ($8150), XPS power supply ($5000), NAC 252 preamplifier ($9250), NAP 250 power amplifier ($5750), all on Naim equipment racks; Clearaudio Performance turntable ($2800) with Talisman moving-coil phono cartridge ($1750); and Nordost Frey speaker cables ($2699/2m pair) and interconnects ($1099/1m pair).

This system smelled like red wine and 1980s nostalgia. There was a lot of dancing going on in here.