The Motet / Audio Présence Room

(All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.)

Rooms by distributor Motet always sound great, and this room, belonging to Motet and retailer Audio Présence, was no exception. Feeding a pair of attractively stocky PMC MB2S passive speakers ($45,000) was a Lumin P1 network music player ($16,000) and a trilogy of Accuphase electronics: the DAC DC-1000 ($25,000), the C-3850 preamp ($35,000), and the 100Wpc class-A A250 monoblocs ($25,000 each). Modulum racks and XLO cabling were used throughout.

This system's sound was big, well-organized, and free flowing. Although the speakers were only about 10' from me, this system had a way of projecting sound across distance; some of that sound seemed to travel right up to me and many feet out to my sides, with ease and composure. On complex music, it seemed to juggle an immense amount of information in a way that was easy to absorb and marvel at.

The system also had a knack for delivering touch and texture within a large, rhythmic ambient field. The sound popped with the minutia of life, in a grand way.

soliver40's picture

This is my favorite sound of the show ex aequo with the Acora room next door. The sound was exquisite and completely relaxing even at loud volume. I went back a few times and each times it was the same even If the type of music was completely different. Although the PCM we're kind of big and not particularly handsome they disappeared well in that room. Wasn't clear If the Lumin was streaming only and/or being the preamp/DAC too. Nonetheless the sound was lovely. And It was hard to resist so many Accuphase gorgeous components...